16 now it’s November – 2016

30 November.

Wrapping up 2016

After last week’s bout with tonsillitis we SHOULd have had a quiet weekend. 

Lounging around the house / playing in the garden. 

Instead on Saturday we drove up to Kings Langley to see Juliet at a Christmas fair. Then had Kat and Adrian over for dinner. They stayed till about 12:30… 

Sunday Claire came for lunch and stayed till 6! At which point Brenna and Andy came over as she’s been in Japan for 2 months…

Through all of this the twins were champs. 

On Monday I got them home to discover that Margot had covered herself in glitter.

But we still has a good time using the post dinner bowls as hats.

24 November 
Happy Thanksgiving 

So it’s Thanksgiving. I am intensely thankful for my beautiful twins who amuse and infuriate me every day. 

I am not particularly thankful for this bout of tonsillitis which has kept me bed ridden (except when I went to the doctor to get antibiotics) since Tuesday afternoon and is making my throat feel like razor wire. At the same time I am actually reading a book for the first time since April so maybe it is something to be grateful for after all. 

Evening update 

I am intensely grateful for modern medicine. 24 hours into my course of antibiotics I am able to swallow liquids and talk!! Hurrah!!! 

Pre-bed update

Margot said Mama. Brilliant! 

22 November 

I am exhausted and for once it’s not their fault

All day yesterday I thought I was feeling a little off. By 9 it was confirmed I’ve got some kind of cold which is causing my throat to close up so that kept me up all night. 

This morning the twins were pretty good though which was helpful. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that Isaac is very tidy. He likes to put things back where he found them. So if he gets his cup down from the table, once he’s finished drinking he’ll put it back. Last night he got all the baby shoes in the living room (there were six) and piled them up on the book case, which is where I often keep them. Clever boy  

21 November 

Evening update

So today Isaac said both sock and shoe! The kid is on a roll. 


Last week the was pretty laid back. My job is starting to wind down so I’m around a bit more. 

On Saturday we went to Steve Bull’s for lunch with Pippa and Hannah. The twins are cassoulet and Apple Charlotte and were on great form. 

On Sunday we hosted our first ever NCThanksgiving. 14 adults and 8 17month olds. 

The twins were helpful…

I made two pumpkin pies from scratch using the More with Less recipe, and a shoo fly pie, and a 7 kilo turkey! Then the others brought: corn casserole, stuffed squash, sweet potatoes (without marshmallows), green bean casserole, stuffing and cheeses. 

Everyone had a great time! 

We also used this opportunity to have a baby shower for Virginia who is having a baby on the 22 December.

We got them a few presents – but importantly DIY / babysitting vouchers from all of us. 

We also used the opportunity to take a group photo 

They were so much more biddable a year ago! 

Isaac said his first official word: Cheese! I’m so proud 🙂 

He has also started a new game, he climbs up to the back of the sofa and then jumps off. My little adventurer. 

14 November 

Tomorrow is another day 

We had a good morning. Full of mischief and fun. 

Then they went straight into nursery with no complaints. 

Sadly they only had an hour’s nap today so there were definitely tears before bedtime. Hoping they sleep through!! 

13 November

The dark timeline 

So then on Friday we wake up to the news that Leonard Cohen has died. He was 82, and in his last interview said he was ready… but just too much after all of this.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had a really quiet day with the babies. It was pouring with rain so we didn’t get to run them around as much as I’d have liked. 

But we found a way to make going to Homebase fun.

The weather has turned colder so we’ve broken out the winter coats.

And after a very successful bath the babes said goodnight to Cadmus.

This morning Margot made a very powerful discovery. Sometimes if you ask for things, you get them! She asked for a biscuit and that’s what she got. Clever child. Isaac also got a biscuit.

We went down to Balham for lunch with Christine and Nick and his four year old twins Anna and Philip.

We took the tube! 

The twins were unimpressed. 

But we had a great time at lunch. 

10 November 

The day after the day after 

Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life. I’m putting it in the same ‘never again’ basket as when my father died.

But when I got home yesterday, I was running late, and literally ran up the street so I wouldn’t miss baby bedtime. When I walked in the door Margot squealed and came running up grinning with her arms upstretched an for the 5th (or 50th) time I burst into tears. Then I went in to the lounge and Isaac crawled onto my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck in a serious cuddle. 

And I took a deep breath. 

The arc of history is with progress. 
Obama made so much progress. Many would say (including me) not enough. But it seems it was more than enough, and far too fast for half the nation.

I have the same hope knowing that if the Millennials alone had voted we would be remaining in the EU. 

This will be a tough couple of years. But midterms are in 2018 and we can take back the house and senate. There must always be hope.

7 November

Morning edition 

The babies slept really well last night. We brought them into bed with us at 5, and there was quite a bit of whinging. But once we got them up and started getting on with breakfast they were fantastic. 

Happily playing in the living room and then when I took them upstairs they were so delighted playing in the (empty) bathtub that I was able to be in the next room hanging out laundry. 

Mornings like this it’s not so bad being the solo parent. 
6 November 

A not so sunny Sunday 

And so we spent the night at Jon and Jo’s. The twins slept pretty well (though Isaac came into bed with us about 4). We finally got up at 5:30 and had a really lovely morning. 

They loved playing with all of Arthur’s toys. So much to see and do!!

Eventually we went to Jet’s for lunch where again we had a wonderful meal and met some of Jet’s friends who live near us and have a 6 month old little girl named Nina. 

Jet wanted to take some photos of the twins, but Margot was far too busy. Isaac on the other hand crawled up on a little chair and happily posed for the camera. Such a little drama king!

The weather was a bit miserable- but Jet had made mince pies, clementine cake and a chocolate banana cake. Margot INHALED the chocolate banana cake and then ate the end of my clementine cake. Isaac was equally keen. 

They were fast asleep when we got home, and then incredibly fussy before bed. But then they went down without a peep!

5 November 

Remember, remember 

Teething has defined this week. Isaac has run a fever on and off all week, including having to come home and go to the doctor on Wednesday. 

I’ve felt a couple of molars so hopefully this will be over soon. 

In positive news they are (when not angry about teeth) really fun and funny. 

Margot is saying Isaac and shoe and uh oh and cat. Isaac is nodding vigorously.  

We went to Jon and Jo’s for supper (along with John and Kait and George). Margot decided to have an aperitif before dinner. 

We had an amazing night with about 5 different Sri Lankan veggie curries and then I literally passed out on the table at 9:30…