19 February Flings – 2017

26 February 

Sunday lunch 

After yesterday’s nap time debacle we decided to make sure they slept at a normal time. 

Isaac had an awful wake up. Around 6:20 they woke up and Isaac just started screaming- for about half an hour. We gave him Calpol… but he was just so hungry. He kept clutching his banana… eventually he ate it and was MUCH happier.

We then went to Beans and Barley (of course) with Chloe and Aidan. 

Then Juliet, Iain, Milla, Mark and Tess came for lunch. We did an old fashioned short rib ragu, salad with blood oranges, fennel, rocket, goats cheese, mint and pistachios, and then for dessert crepes with Nutella and strawberries. Twins loved lunch. So did everyone else!

Margot finally and properly said her name. It was amazing. Isaac was obsessed with looking at pictures of himself.

The pancakes were particularly popular. 

25 February

Busy week, slower weekend 

I barely saw the twins last week. We had our usual mornings together but I was out Tuesday-Thursday nights. It was great to go out, but definitely took its toll. Last night Patrick went out, and I got them home for some bananas and sleep. 

This morning we had a slow start with Patrick and I tag team napping. The twins had a pretty good morning…

And teeth cleaning 

And the to our usual Saturday brunch place with Martijn, Kerry and Hunter 

We came home and then Isaac screamed for about 45 minutes until he finally went down for a nap.

When they got up Guy and Kate came round with Freddie and Otis for a play date. 

After they left Isaac spent about 5 minutes working out how to put a cap on a pen. Interestingly, he struggled when holding the cap in his left and the pen in his right, but nailed it with it the other way round.

Also their language is coming on like crazy. Margot is picking up words at a terrifying way and getting really good at putting the ends on words Ca-T of Pi-GY. 
19 February 

Learning lessons 

We had a really lovely weekend by and large. Friday night Isaac was hilarious trying to stay up!

Saturday we had a pretty chilled out day. I got my hair cut and we went for a bit of a walk. Then that evening Martijn came round with Hunter and all the NCT mums went out for a night on the town. 

Today was a bit of a slow start… needless to say. We went for brunch at Beans and Barley and then had Nick and Christine and their four year old twins Anna and Philip round for lunch. The four twins played brilliantly. I made shepherds pie and everyone ate it! 

Unfortunately Margot and Isaac were having so much fun that they didn’t go down till 3… and then up at 5 with so so so much screaming. Luckily a chat with Granny and Poppa Jim cheered them up! Bedtime was surprisingly smooth. 

And so ends and begins another week. 

15 February 

20 Months today 

My funny valentines are 20 months – they are picking up language and growing more and more physically confident.

20 months really feels like they are closer to two than one. 

12 February 


We were winning this weekend. Friday I got home after baby bedtime but having had a minor triumph at work (hurrah!). Patrick and I had dinner and then just hung out drinking wine and chatting, which was nice as it felt like we’d barely seen one another all week. 

Saturday morning the twins slept in till 6:40 which was fantastic! We then managed to go to the grocery store and make gallettes for brunch on Sunday all by 12. Before we left we had a Poonami of EPIC PROPORTIONS. I came down from my shower to find that Isaac had just taken a massive dump, which circumvented his nappy and covered Patrick. Bathtime for everyone… the poos never end. They just get bigger. I feel like there’s a parenting lesson in there…

After bathtime we had quite a lot of fun with hair clips.

We then drove out to Cambridge to see Jon, Jo and Arthur. In Cambridge we went to a park and saw quite possibly the most terrifying piece of play equipment. The twins refused to play…

Arthur was very keen on the twins and Isaac said his name (which I think is maybe the first time he’s said another kid’s name).

This morning we drove back down at 9 and then had Isobel and Tim and their son Ben round for brunch. Ben is 4 and goes to nursery with the twins but despite that we quite like the parents so hopeful that these are new local friends.

We had a very quiet afternoon… though Margot did nick my phone…

9 February (Thursday)

There’s probably a bigger blog in this, but I think that i need more work in my work/life balance. Starting a new job and keeping up is a real challenge, particularly when you’re trying to get home in time to put the kids to bed… Tuesday was hard. I got home 20 minutes before their bed, but my phone had died and I needed to send a couple of emails. Isaac saw me, then I had to ignore him and he had a total meltdown. Very stressful for all of us.

Yesterday I went out for lunch in his fairly hidden place near Westminster Abbey. While there we saw Nick Clegg. I became bizarrely giddy and week at the knees. 

Margot is too busy for pictures 

5 February 

It’s been quite the week! Mainly trying to catch up after my couple of days off work. On Tuesday night Juliet and Camilla came round after work and helped out with the babes before bed. We had a hilarious time. 

Unfortunately I kept having to work late and missing bedtime. 

Saturday morning the twins slept till 6:40. Miraculous! 

We went to Beans and Barley to play in the ball pit!

Then that evening Patrick went to the ballet with his siblings and I had a couple of girlfriends over. Twins slept till about 6:15 this morning which was great!

We then had fun times in their room while I cleaned out their clothes.

Isaac and Henry dog bonded.

We ended up going BACK to Beans and Barley where the twins did some excellent playing.