20 Time Marches on – March 2017

27 March 

Sick day

Well… after a great day yesterday I got a call as I was coming out of a big meeting from Nursery that Margot had 3 runny poos and needed collection.

I got home at 12:50 and she was asleep so I left her. She woke up around 2:15 and I got her – we had a great time in the garden.

I took her to the GP and they said she has thrush but not to worry about the poos. So hopefully she’ll be ok tomorrow. 

She kept plaintively calling after Isaac. Heartbreaking. When he came home they ran around the garden together. They’re fantastic at the moment! Straight to bed again. 

26 March 

British Mother’s Day 

This week has been an incredibly good week. Everything seemed to fall into place. We had lovely mornings and easy bedtimes. I had a breakthrough at work and finally feel like I’m on an even keel. 

At the same time there was an attack in Westminster on Wednesday – I was torn between wanting to rush home and cuddle the twins and staying out for dinner with friends as I’d had planned. I chose the latter. But on Thursday morning we sat on the sofa having a cuddle – I asked Margot if she wanted to go upstairs. She said ‘No, Cuddle’. So we cuddled a little bit longer.

Saturday we had a bit of a play. Margot decided to dress up.

She started waving at me and saying ‘hi Margot’, ‘hi Margot’ over and over.

They are really getting verbal. Then we all went for a long walk in the sunshine and for a pub lunch with Kate and Tom. Great lunch. Long walk. I ended up passing out on the sofa. Then once the babes were in bed (seemlessly) I went for dinner at Selale with Sam Pedro and a bunch of others for her birthday. We then all came back to ours for the night. 

Sunday was Mother’s Day (UK). We went to brunch at B&B with Martijn, Kerry, Hunter, Ciaran, Chloe and Aidan. While we were there we discovered that Hunter has been exposed to chicken pox… so I cancelled my further plans with Liane in order to spare baby Lyra. We figured the damage was done for our kids.

We went to the park / playground for a while.

Then back to our place for lunch and prosecco. The kids played so well together it was fantastic. Everyone stayed through to baby dinner / bedtime.

Despite the fact the clocks had changed they went straight to bed. 

19 March 

From nothing on to full on

After quite a long week we decided to have a chilled out weekend… but life sometimes makes other plans for you. 

On Friday Patrick went out with colleagues and I picked up the twins. We had a pretty pleasant run down to bedtime and I settled in to watch tv. 

Till about 8:30 when Brenna & Andy came over with David & Ewa… they were meant to leave at 9. Patrick got home about 9:15 and we just kept chatting. I ended up falling asleep sitting up at the table. 

Then on Saturday we met up at Finsbury Park cafe with Martijn & Kerry and Virginia & Al plus kids. We had a lovely play and breakfast and then took the kids on a walk so they would nap. 

We’ve realised that it’s basically impossible to get them to nap at the weekends so we are having to get them to sleep in the buggy. 

That evening we took them (and their tents, their bears, and their blankets) to V&A’s for supper.

They are wore their wellies over their pjs. It was adorable. 

We didn’t get home till 1… craziness. 

But we did have #tiramoustache 

This morning was crazy. Liv Harris came over for a quick visit this morning. Then we hustled everyone out to the YMCA where they played on the gymnastics stuff. Isaac LOVED it. Margot was much more skeptical.

It was exhausting. Then we went to the Tottenham Green Market for lunch. We saw Guy and Kate (and Freddie and Otis) and then back to ours for lunch with the kids and Ciaran and Aidan. 

They left about 3 and then we had a sluggish afternoon. 

In kid words news they are now referring to cardigans as ardigan… big word for such little people!

17 March 

St Patrick’s Day 

The twins have been insisting on wearing their wellies…

Which is fine… though it does make stairs a bit tricky 

Patrick and I are now basically tag team parenting. I take the morning and he takes the evening. I’ve now realised that if we just go into the pitched battle that is getting dressed and spend an hour getting ready – rather than 20 minutes on tv and cuddles then we are all less stressed and get out the door a little bit earlier. 

Parenting is a perpetual state of learning. 

13 March 

Fast weeks and slow weekends 

Last week flew by. The twins keep picking up new words and phrases at a rate of knots. They’ve also got a particularly adorable way of eating bananas at the moment. I say adorable… bear in mind that and deviation will result in screaming… 

1. Hand them the unpeeled banana.

2. Ask them if they would like it opened. If they respond in the affirmative ‘open iiiiit’ then proceed to step 3a. If they say no then step 3b.

3a. Unpeeled the top half inch of the banana. Here it deviates and we go to step 4 Isaac and step 4 Margot.

3b. Do not touch the banana in any way. Leave them to wave it around and occasionally ask if they want you to open it. 

4 Isaac. He will now peel the banana himself. Do NOT attempt to help. He will peel each strip and hand them to you. He will then pick off microscopic strings and hand them to you. Then he will eat the banana. 

4 Margot. She will eat the exposed section of the banana. Then either hand it to you to peel more, or she will use her fingers (or other implement such as a spoon (poon-uh) or fork (fowk) to dig out the rest of the banana). Mostly she loses interest and Isaac eats it.

On Friday night I went out to work karaoke… it was me and about 15 boys from work. I was in my element. Unfortunately I didn’t get home till 2am… having slept in the spare room and run a load of laundry to wash what I was wearing. It’s still a mystery as to why.

Saturday morning we listened to Brenna on radio4 and had some naps and went to the park for a walk. Well. We went in search of puddles but there were none. We had Brenna and Andy over for celebratory lasagne and champagne. But… then hit peak middle age / middle class North London by eating hummus with quinoa crisps…

Sunday we tag teamed so that Patrick could get writing done and I could get work done. So I took them to the park with Tom & Jack and Marty, Kerry & Hunter. Then back to Tom’s for coffee and cake. M, K & H came to ours for pizza and they had a play and I had a nap. Then Patrick went out with the twins and I did some wo k. 

Finally Margot learned how to say Belly BuuuuuhhhhhTON which may be the most joyful word ever. It makes her laugh and Isaac points solemnly at his belly button and just says. ‘Button’ very quietly. 

7 March 

Good sleep!

The twins have had a streak of great sleep! They’ve been just chilling in their room till 6:30 which is enough time for Patrick and me to have breakfast sans bebe. 

Margot is now saying Pippo for Hippo and L’funt for elephant. Isaac can also says those words, but is less of a stickler for annunciation.

5 March 


The week has flown by. Again I barely saw the twins in the evenings but had good cuddles in the morning. They’ve had several mornings in a row where they sleep till 6 and then have some chats until 6:30. We have even managed to have breakfast before they get up! Magical.

John Griffith was staying with us so we were able to go out on Wednesday night…  but we were still in bed by 9:30…

On Saturday we went to Beans and Barley (of course).

Then we had Claire over for lunch and a trip to the park. 

Margot REFUSED to wear a coat. She turned blue!

Then we put them to bed and had a quick supper before heading out to say goodbye to Ted and Janine before they emigrate to Australia.

Today was pretty slow moving. Lots of indoor time. We hung around the house till about 3 when they got up from their nap and we went to the park and it got pretty rainy.