22 May Madness – 2017

30 May 2017

The end of the weekend 

So we didn’t leave Claire’s until pretty late on Saturday so the twins didn’t get to sleep till 9:30… and then woke at 5:15. Sunday was not an easy day.

We went to see a toddler friendly screening of Lego Batman which was amazing. We had th me Theatre to just us and Marty and Kerry and Hunter. Isaac and Hunter played tag… and then all three of them ended up dancing on the little stage in front of the screen. So far so good.

Then when we got home we got a bunch of Turkish takeaway and hung out in the garden… then Patrick put spray on sunscreen on the twins which ended up in their eyes which must have been awful so we had to give them a bath (while they were screaming). Isaac and I ended up falling asleep on the chair in my bedroom and Patrick held a sleeping Margot out in the garden while he talked to M&K.

We ended up with a quiet night on Sunday.

Monday was a bank holiday and because the twins were well rested we had a great day. They woke up about 6:40 and came into bed with us for demanding breakfast- specifically porridge. 

We fed them and then Patrick and I both went for runs and then took them on a long walk up to Wood Green to get them new shoes. We stopped at a Turkish place on the way home and had a very successful lunch. 

They loved the lamuchan and ate hummus with a spoon… back home I managed to get my new Urbanistas website launched, work on my American taxes and publish a new blog. Phew! 

After all that the twins had a great dinner and bedtime. This morning they slept in mercifully. Patrick is now on half term – so is in charge of both drop off and pick up – and finishing his novel… 

28 May 2017

Bank holiday weekend 

On Thursday Isaac invented a game.

He took our sieve and put his ball in it and then tried to do keepy-uppy with the sieve. All the while singing a little song. I was very proud. 

Yet another long weekend! This one was unexpectedly longer than I’d thought as I had ‘privaledge’ day for the Queen’s birthday. So I spent the day in the sunshine catching up with work friends.

Saturday morning we met Charlotte at Clissold Park with the intention of left the twins splash in the lido / paddling pool. But by the time we arrived they were passed out.

They never did warm to the idea. So we took the tube down to Claire’s as Ed & Beck and the girls were over (along with Maddy, Rob and Sienna obviously) there were THREE dogs! Which was quite a lot. But the twins were very brave.

21 May 2017

Making friends and learning words 

Saturday morning we went to IKEA first thing. It was amazing. We had a delicious breakfast and then a wander around the store. 

Aunt Amanda came over for the evening on Saturday. The twins loved seeing her and were a bit out out about going to bed! 

On Sunday we went to Crouch End so Isaac could get a hair cut. He was a bit wiggly till we gave him a chocolate biscuit. Later we went to Lochy’s second birthday. And so the month of birthdays begins.

They are talking up a storm. We got baby Sienna a toy octopus – or as the twins say ‘Aught-Pous’. 

They are obsessed with the Pat the Bunny book. As I type this Margot is literally throwing it at me…

This weekend we had to go on a mission to pick up a delivery at the post office. This (excitingly) involved getting a train – and then going to a brand new park. On our way we ran into a family from nursery who live on our road. Anna and James have a little boy called Raphael who is a few months older than the twins – and a 7 week old Emmanuel.

We had a lovely evening with them and got the twins home for a late bedtime at 8!

What’s really impressing me is how quickly they are learning things – so at the park Isaac developed a game to keep himself amused while Margot was on the swings. He was swinging around the upright pole of the swing set but timing it with Margot’s swinging so that he didn’t get hit by the swing.

They are also increasingly able to entertain themselves – sometime they’ll head off to play for maybe 10-15 minutes at a time.

Claire came over and we ended up with a lovely day in the garden! 

I made a potato and cheese pie.

And Margot channelled her inner Russian peasant…

11 May 2017

Growing up

This time last year the twins weaned themselves. This year… 

they are running around wearing their hoodies as capes pretending to be Batman. 

Margot was eating a biscuit. She took a bite and looked at it and said ‘Fish’, then giggled took another bite and looked at it and said ‘Dog! Woof woof woof’!

Isaac counted his shoes this morning – One, Two, Shoes.

We spent a really lovely morning reading books. I would read a book and then one of the twins would read it back to me and the other twin. We got through four books that way. Oh No George, Curious George Goes Fishing, Curious George Rides, and Mog: The Forgetful Cat… 

these twos don’t seem so terrible.

9 May 2017

Back at the grindstone 

My break to Oxford went really well. The twins loved having Juliet at home with them.

They were beautifully behaved.

They have never been that happy to be strapped into a buggy before.

We had a really lovely and low key weekend. Pippa and Hannah came round for lunch on Saturday and then Sunday we had a lazy day and trip to the park.

This morning Isaac said – what I think is his first three word phrase – Margot biscuit gone… 

4 May 2017

Taking a break

Monday was a bank holiday. We started the day still at John and Kait’s. We took the twins to their first movie – Sing – at the cinema. Isaac was a little overwhelmed at first but soon got the hang of it. They both had little sleeps during the film but were absolutely brilliantly behaved. It gave me hope for going to more toddler friendly films in future.

Then Tuesday and Wednesday I took two days off for annual leave. It’s the first time I’ve had since starting the new job. I’ve been a hive of activity (running, running errands, doing all the little things I forget to do at the weekend). It’s amazing how much you can do and still have time for a nap when the twins are at nursery from 8-6. 

One thing I’ve started are some longer blogs for this site. I’m thinking of reorganising to make it more user friendly (like looking at how to archive these pages) and maybe starting to use the main blog pages as a way of posting these updates rather than the individual pages… maybe even a name change.

Today and tomorrow I am away from the twins. I’ll be at a conference in Oxford. Patrick and Juliet are covering the childcare so it’s also like having a couple of days off parenting.