23 Jubilant June 2017

26 June 2017

Kent Adventures 

We took the twins down to Kent this weekend to see Dave & Selina, and Ayesha, Doug, Oliver & Elliot.

Saturday we got up as usual. Patrick went for a run, then it was my turn. Unfortunately about half way through I fell and banged up me knees. Luckily I didn’t twist anything and am feeling much between already.

Around naptime we piled the twins in the car and then drove them down to Lenham while they slept. It was a totally uneventful drive.

We had a lovely afternoon. Ayesha brought Elliot over – he’s 8 and basically ran the twins ragged. We put them to bed and had a nice evening chatting and catching up.

Then… at about 3 Isaac had a coughing fit and threw up all over his sleep tent.

The next morning he woke up at 5… 

We got to about 10:30 and had brunch, then drove out to Whitstable to see the sea. They fell asleep on the drive and we spent 40 minutes sitting in a car park. Then 5 minutes at the beach (we found shells) and then a 15 minute walk around the town looking for prosecco before piling back onto the car and driving to Doug and Ayesha’s for Sunday Roast. 

The food was gorgeous but importantly they had a trampoline and climbing frame / swing set that whiled away the afternoon.

The plan was then to put them into the car and drive home at bedtime. No such luck. Margot refused to sleep. Isaac woke up an started crying when we got stopped for about half an hour outside the blackwall tunnel… he cried so much he threw up. Again.

He was just beside himself but there was nothing to be done till we got home. It was a pretty rough night and the next morning wasn’t much better.

I was enjoying the run up to two. But it’s like a switch has flipped and they’re both so much angrier.

On a positive note – I think Margot is learning to actually count. She brought me two duck figurines – and held them up to me saying ‘Two Ducks’. It was just a shame that they were glass and I had to take them away from her immediately… 
23 June 2017

Taking the Twins to nursery… A comedy of errors in three acts.

Act 1.

They wanted to walk. 

We walked half way up the hill (to look at ducks). 

They looked at one another, giggled, then went RUNNING down the hill back to the house.

Act 2. 

I decided to put them in the buggy.
I failed to put on the buggy brake.
It rolled backwards, fell over the front step and tipped the kids into the street.

Act 3.

Full of justifiable mistrust they climbed back into the buggy.

We made it to nursery.

No broken limbs. 


19 June 2017

Twins are two (family birthday edition)

Phew. The temperatures are getting up into the mid 80s (30s) now. 

Saturday we had a few close friends and family over for a BBQ. We bought a 6ft paddling pool – which was enjoyed by children and gown ups alike. 

The twins were blessed with an abundance of Lego for their birthday.

And paints.

And stuffed toys.

And of course books.

Sunday was sweltering so we spent it cleaning up after the party (5 dishwasher loads) and cowering from the sun.

Isaac got very creative and built a throne. He played like that for a good 10 minutes on his own. 

We also introduced them to the old Tom & Jerry cartoons. 

Amid all of this I can’t shake the feeling that there are too many horrible things in the world. The Grenfell Tower disaster last week. This morning I woke up to the news that a white van man had deliberately driven into a group of young Muslim men as they were leaving the Finsbury Park Mosque. 

Every time I think I’ve run out of words for these horrors – there is another horrific incident. 

15 June 2017

Twins are two (official birthday observed)

Today the twins turned two. It is impossible not to be a bit nostalgic on their actual birthday – it simultaneously feels as though they’ve been here forever and also that it was just yesterday.

We began the day with pancakes.

Isaac insisted on taking a bear to nursery – so I ended up with the bear in the office.

I took in a caterpillar cake for their nursery friends. And apparently that was enjoyed by all. 

When they got home they demanded more cake and were (finally) able to eat their train carriages from Sunday.

After cake they played in the garden and had a chat with Granny and Poppa Jim. Though I’m sure they had a great day at nursery I think next year I’ll take the day off with them.

13 June 2017

Twins are two take one (the Cosy Nostra edition)

We spent Saturday in the garden preparing for the birthday parties. I did weeding with the twins (the distinction between a flower and a weed is pretty fine at their age). We also cleaner out the pond and found frogs (who say ribbit) and newts (who say nothing). 

On Sunday we hosted 8 two year olds, a six month old and their parents for a bouncy castle and BBQ.

The giant giraffe arrived at about 9am and Isaac (who loves to bounce) was so overcome with excitement he started frothing at the mouth.

He would lie down on it and cover up with his ‘batman’ pretending to be asleep until he was overcome by giggles. 

When we attempted to go for a walk we deflated the giraffe and Isaac wept ‘no, bouncy giraffe!!!’. He screamed through the walk (Margot fell asleep almost instantly) and we brought him home for a sofa cuddle.

The others arrived at about 3 with enough food to feed about 50 people… Margot slept for nearly 3 hours and Isaac not at all.

They had fun with their friends for a couple of hours – but then Isaac basically got too exhausted and had to be put to bed at 5:30. Unheard of.

He missed the cake.

And what a cake it was.

Kerry also designed the Cosy Nostra logo for t-shirts. All the kids’ shirts have nicknames on the back. 

Margot The Bird

Baby Face Isaac

Overall it was a great day. I was only sad Isaac missed it. Though he did wake up asking for cake… 

We kept back their little train cars and will give them theirs on Thursday. 

This morning was one of those idyllic mornings  where we all got along and managed to get dressed without tears.

We three had a cuddle on the sofa watching Teletubbies and everything was just about perfect. 

9 June 2017

Hung parliament (again)

Well … last night Brenna and Andy came over. At about 11 we realised that the exit polls were saying there would be no overall majority. We ended up glued to the reports and stayed up till 12:30 – when we realised the twins were not going to give us a lie in and we have work to go to.

This morning they have declared a hung parliament – which means no overall majority. As a civil servant I can’t have public options but it is fair to say that it will be a very ingesting day in the office.

The twins were in an amazing mood this morning. They got up about 6:30 and ate their porridge gleefully then played in the kitchen kicking their balls and singing songs for ages as I tidied up.

When I went upstairs to get dressed Margot came up and tucked herself into my bed. She’s been doing this a lot lately; pretending to sleep. She’ll get into a bed and pull the blankets over her and say ‘I tyiad’ and pretend to sleep (till the giggles get the better of her).

Patrick and I were talking last night about how different they are. She is much more likely to play on her own. She seems to have a much more internalised sense of play. Isaac is far more extroverted. So he is more likely to ah with people. Just a joy watching them develop!

8 June 2017

Polling day 

Today was the general election.

The twins’ nursery was being used as a polling station and so they had a field trip to a petting farm. They played with bunnies and had ice cream.  Apparently on the way home they were giggling with each other in an infectious way and made the whole bus laugh. 

I know this is smug – but I’m always ridiculously happy with how much people seem to like them. I know they’re loveable to me – but I am relieved that other people like them too.

When they got home they were catatonic with exhaustion. At first they were just crying and refusing to come out of the buggy so we wheeled it into the lounge to let them watch tv.

After about 20 minutes of staring they decided that they would like some supper. They absolutely devoured their pasta with tomato and aubergine sauce… though just after they finished as I was wiping Margot’s face I realised that the areas where the sauce had touched her skin were bright pink. I gave her some prophylactic anti-histamines and she seemed fine. 

They were so exhausted we ended up in a big cuddle pile on the sofa.

They could barely keep their eyes open. So we put them to bed about 20 minutes early and the went to sleep immediately.

5 June 2017

Quiet times are the best times 

We are going to be superbly busy over the next couple of weeks. The terrible twosome is turning two and we are celebrating twice! 

So this weekend we had an incredibly quiet weekend. Friday night we had supper with Adele and Tom and the twins went down beautifully and slept through till 7 when we got them home again.

Saturday we mainly pottered around the house and garden. Patrick went out that night with the NCT boys and I stayed home and binge watched Netflix’s Anne with an E. Then I got glued to the news of the terrorist attacks at London Bridge. It increasingly feels like a matter of time before I know someone who’s directly affected by an attack.

Sunday we had Anna, James and Raphael from up the road round for coffee. The twins had a great morning and then we had another quiet afternoon and evening.