24 Just in time for July 2017

30 July 2017

16 years… 

Friday 28th was our 16th anniversary. 

So on Thursday Claire came to babysit. The twins were in a great mood – they started turning somersaults and saying ‘roly poly!’

Definitely something they learned at nursery. 

After we put them to bed we went out for an amazing meal in central London and the night in a hotel. In the morning Claire had a great time with the twins. 

Patrick and I slept in and then went for a swim, brunch, shopping and to the Royal Academy summer show. Then home for a nap. Pretty much a perfect day. 

Saturday we went to a 4th birthday and Isaac insisted on wearing a party dress (he kept saying it over and over). 

Margot has always been less interested in clothes…

Sunday we had another first birthday but decided to do an hour and a half long walk to get there…. but we discovered an amazing park!

24 July 2017

A bit of culture 

On Saturday we had Ada’s first birthday party down in Croydon. As we don’t make it south is the river that much we decided to go first to the Dulwich Picture Gallery. It was designed by my favourite architect John Soane. 

But even more excitingly there is a summer pavilion which my friend and Urbanista designed with her practice If_Do. 

The twins had an amazing time drawing and playing. 

We played ‘spot the baby and spot the dog’ in the paintings. Isaac was particularly taken by a painting of a bridge by Caneletto – and even said ‘Caneletto’.

On Sunday the culture vultures continued. I put Radio 3 (Classical) on and Margot dragged a step stool over so she could get closer and kiss the music. 

20 July 2017

The first school play!

Today was a pretty important day. It was their first school play. We’ve known this was coming for a while and so I made sure we got their shark costumes well in advance so they could acclimatise to them (kind of like floating the bag of goldfish in the water for a couple hours.)

While they loved the shark costumes they did not like the noisy crowd of grownups.

Margot spotted me as soon as I got there and came running up for a cuddle.

Isaac was to afraid and sat on Enni’s lap. Till eventually he started crying and she asked me to take him outside.

Patrick arrived in time for Margot to come out and join us.

Luckily strawberries and brownies cheered them up. 

It is well known fact that sharks have to keep moving to stay alive. Similarly toddlers need to continue cruising the buffet. 

We took them to Railway Fields with a few of their friends and they insisted on wearing their costumes.

My urban sharks on safari!

17 July 2017

Another tough week

We had another tough week sleepwise. Monday night Isaac was up at 11, 1, 2, 2:25, 4 and then we all got up at 5:15. 

The rest of the week he woke consistently at 4:30 akenthen we all got up at about 5:15. Bit better over the weekend… but it’s genuinely rough. Not helped by my getting struck by a cold (presumably from lack of sleep). It was also a challenging week for me at work. Just don’t feel on top of things.

We haven’t had much potty progress – though they are still keen.

On Saturday we had a pretty slow start. I was still recovering. Then we went up to Wood Green and got them new trainers. I ended up having a quick coffee at Virginia’s while Patrick got his hair cut. 

Then we had Aidan and Ciaran over – which was a total relief as  Isaac didn’t nap. At all. There were few tears before bedtime. 

Despite not napping Isaac was still up at 5:30. Still better than 4:30.

Patrick and I both went for runs and then Steve Bull came round for brunch. We had a rather fraught bath – halfway through which a car arrived to pick up the changing table we sold. It was a little manic trying to wrestle two naked toddlers and a changing table…

Then the four of us had a sleep on the sofa. I got up and made stuff for a BBQ at Adele and Tom’s. Including the best potato salad I have ever had. I will be doing this again. 

We had a lot of fun at the BBQ and then a quiet night at home. 

This morning they were in a variable mood (Isaac didn’t sleep well – I blame the copious grapes and berries – seriously what kid prefers berries to cake???).

Isaac insisted on picking out his clothes. So getting ready took a bit longer than usual.

Then Margot refused to stop drawing. 

It was hilarious trying to get her dressed while she kept drawing. She doesn’t care what she wears. Isaac insists on choosing everything. I think he made a strong choice.

Margot took her pen and paper to document our journey. Isaac took his bunny… (actually it was Margot’s bunny). 

9 July 2017

The worst week

This week has been tough. From needy and clingy on Monday to demanding a potty on Tuesday to the kind of whingey crying that drills into your brain and makes you question your sanity on Wednesday. Thursday was the real kicker though. We got a call from nursery at about 3:30 saying Isaac had been crying and screaming for an hour and a half. He’d just woken up from his nap inconsolable. Patrick had to go get him.

To be fair it’s been pretty warm. But they’ve been waking up ludicrously early and then being pretty challenging till bedtime. It’s not all been awful. Thursday night Margot invented the foot kiss.

Luckily the bad mood seemed to break on Friday and we have had a pretty good weekend. We were meant to go down to Dorset but that fell through. Unfortunately we’d already Airbnbed the house so have spent the weekend cat sitting at Brenna and Andy’s while they are in Corsica.

Must say I could use a real holiday.

Saturday we went to the magical world of Ikea.

Then to hang out with Hunter, and then to Tom and Adele’s to hang out with Jack- we were then joined by Ciaran and Aidan.

Today we’ve had a quiet day. Both Patrick and I made it for a run (without injury), then brunch and then a very long and sweaty sofa snooze.

Not ready for up.

This afternoon we babysat Hunter. He was very sweet.

And the twins did sharing with raisins.

The twins were super sweet:

Then Ciaran and Aidan came over and we had an amazing afternoon of toddler entertainment.

In potty training news – Margot did a wee in the potty – without prompting first thing this morning and this evening. 

Clever girl. 
5 July 2017

Potty training is a thing 

Potty training has been a hot topic of conversation with our NCT friends for a while now. Patrick and I are firmly in the wait till they’re ready camp. We don’t even own a potty… however… on Monday I got home to discover that Margot was wandering around the house sans nappy.

Then I exchanged some chats with Kerry who said they were 4 days into potty training Hunter. Patrick and I discussed it and thought – well… soon.

Then yesterday morning when I went to the loo Isaac said – mommy potty.


When I got home Patrick said nursery had told him the twins are ready for potty training. Apparently they love the potty at nursery.


Then this morning Margot and Isaac wanted to spend some quality time just sitting on the toilet. Margot insisted on being naked all morning… so it looks like they’re ready. 

Not sure that we are.

3 July 2017

A quiet foodie weekend

We’ve all been fighting a cold this week. Patrick stayed home last Tuesday and had to go get Margot at about 3. I worked from home Friday and had to get her about 1:30. She and I spent all afternoon cuddled up on the sofa.

On Saturday we were meant to go down to Christine and Nick’s for lunch but we were all too ill and tired (except Isaac who was unusually fine).

We had a day of errands and shopping. For lunch I made spaghetti with goats cheese, fig, spinach and walnut. Which we thought was delicious. Twins liked the creamy spaghetti and spinach but rejected the figs which really surprised me.

In the late afternoon we went to Chloe and Ciaran’s for a play date with Aidan and stayed for dinner. Ciaran made the twins mushroom and pea risotto and they INHALED it. For pudding they had banana bread with ice cream. Smiles all round.

Sunday we had a tidy (Kasia has been gone for two weeks!!). Then coffee and a play at Beans and Barley. For lunch Billy and his mum Amy came round. Billy is Isaac’s best buddy at nursery. He’s four and a half. They all had a great time in the paddling pool and learned to climb the tree.

I made lasagne and Amy made cupcakes. 

There were also many cherries. Very many cherries.

After she left we did some weeding in the garden. And then had sardines with bulgur wheat and charred asparagus. 

Because of the aforementioned cherries Isaac had a pretty rough night’s sleep. 

This morning he was fine though and they decided to have porridge al fresco.

They were a bit floppy and sleepy this morning and quite clingy when I left them at nursery so we’ll see how that works out…