25 Alriiiight it’s August 2017

31 August 2017

And that was the month that was. 

What a summer!!! We had Maddy’s wedding – at which Patrick gave a wonderful speech, Mom came to visit, the trip to Wales and potty training. I did most of my updating on Facebook but for completeness…

At the wedding! 

8 August 2017

Bouncy castles and lessons learned.

This weekend we drove out to the West Country for a party at John and Kait’s 

John had (finally) passed the last of his doctoring exams and we were celebrating by burning his revision notes. We ended up having an amazing time – they’d hired a pizza guy, a bouncy castle and a baby sitter!!!! Winning! 

We did relearn the lesson that winding country roads make Isaac car sick. Poor kid went totally grey and shakey.

Then on Tuesday I had another of my field trips, this time to Manchester. On my way back I had a choice – do I go home just in time to see the twins or do I wait ten minutes till they are safely in bed? 

I made the wrong choice. I got home. They were ECSTATIC to see me. Then utterly distraught at bedtime. Lesson learned. What’s good for me isn’t always good for them. 

4 August 2017

A quiet week.

I have realised that I’ve not taken a real break since I started my new job in January. As I run down to my two week break I have basically been running on fumes. 

Luckily the ministers are all on their holidays so we are doing quite a lot of site visits. It’s great to be able to go and SEE the places I’m talking about all the time.

On Tuesday I went on a site visit and about 10am Patrick texted to say he’d had a call from nursery and had to go get Margot. She had had 3 runny poos which is a red flag. 

She was fine!!! So Patrick took her swimming, home for a nap and then when I got her me we went on a shopping trip. It was a great day with my increasingly grown up girl! 

However she missed Isaac – they were so excited to see one another again they chased each other around the wheelie bin in the front garden. It’s nice to know they like each other.