26 So it’s September – 2017

30 September

A lovely Saturday 

After such a big day / night Thursday Friday was a bit of a write off. But Saturday was amazing. Everyone was on great form.

I went for a 10k run – my last long run before the big run next weekend.

Then we went to a cafe for lunch with Guy and Kate and Freddie and Otis.

After we came home and had a nap Chloe and Ciaran came round with Aidan and then all had a play before bedtime. 

They are veering between hilarious and exhausting at the moment which I think is par for the course of 2 year olds.
28 September 

A day at home 

Yesterday as I was leaving the office I got an email saying that due to the twins having runny poos they wouldn’t be able to go to nursery today. 

So we stated out doing some drawing.

Then general hanging out and singing songs.

Isaac got into playdough.

Then Virginia and Hettie came round for coffee.

After lunch and a nap I took them to the railway fields for the next instalment of the Probably True Adventures of Scarlett and Wolfgang.

And the adventure this time was a double poo and scream fest in the park bathrooms.


When we got home we had a bath!

Bedtime went mercifully smoothly! 

Then Brenna came over to celebrate getting a 4 year research fellowship based at UCL. We may have had a bit to drink. 

24 September 


Patrick was out at Ciaran’s boxing match Friday night – and I had a quiet night in. He got home at 2am… then of course had a bit of a lie in. 

By Saturday afternoon we were all ready to get out of the house and had a trip to the park.

We went with Ciaran and Aidan while Chloe had a break. 

Then Sunday we went to railway fields with Anna, James, Raphael and Manu. All was going well will Margot decided to leap out of the swing – she nearly broke Patrick’s thumb and landed on her chin. Much crying.

20 September 

The juggling act 

Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn and went to Oxford for the planning law conference I’ve been going to, on and off, for 12 years! 

Patrick had the twins on his own all day, but Marty, Kerry and Hunter came over to give him a hand…

I got home about noon on Sunday and it was genuinely nice to be back with the twins. We had a really quiet afternoon.

We continued to have some sleeping problems – unusually Margot woke up twice last night. 

Isaac had a 30 minute scream this morning before nursery – then perked up enormously. Sigh. I can just never figure out what’s upsetting him. 

Still. When they’re in the mood they are very cute. 

15 September 


So Tuesday Isaac got sent home from nursery with 3 runny poos – then we had a day on the sofa watching Peter Rabbit (I am hating that show). He was incredibly clingy. Though he was also very sweet.

Isaac: where’s Margot?

Me: she’s still at nursery.

Isaac: oh. 

Me: do you miss Margot?

Isaac: yes…. yes, I miss her.

Then pretty much every night has been hard. Last night Isaac wouldn’t stop crying when we put him to bed. It took an hour. Then he woke up crying at 2, and again at 4 – when for the second night in a row he woke up Margot. 

This morning they were in a decent enough mood… 

12 September 

By George I think he’s getting it! 

Yesterday I picked up Isaac to the wonderful news that he’d made it through the whole day with NO accidents. Very impressed.

Sunday night he had a really hard time sleeping and was a bit miserable in the morning. I’ve noticed that during the potty training experience when he has a bad night he has a bit of a breakthrough the next day. 

10 September 

Nights out. Plural.

This has been an incredibly full on week. But this weekend we managed to get two nights out to see Magnetic Fields do the 50 Song Memoir. 

It was great to go out just the two of us, particularly as we are finding the continued potty training pretty exhausting. 

That said they have been incredibly charming… watching their relationship develop makes me unbelievably happy. They really seem to like one another.
7 September 

My mommy the spy 

It’s happened. I’m starting to feel like I’m spying on the twins when they have their chats in the morning. 

Margot: do you want an ice lolly Isaac?

Isaac: I want the pink one please

Margot: here you go Isaac!

(There is some scuffling as he attempts to reach across the room) 

Isaac: thanks!!! It’s all gone. It’s melted.

Margot: sorry Isaac! Let’s get breakfast. 

4 September 2017

Back to school and work for everyone 

It’s strange, but for the first time since we’ve had the twins in nursery I really missed them when I went back to work last week. In part this was because I was anxious to know how they were getting on, but also in part because they are just more talkative and fun.

The nursery is really impressed with their potty training. I am less impressed with how many accidents they have at nursery. 

Saturday we had brunch at Isabelle and Tim’s and my main life lesson is to bring a familiar potty EVERYWHERE. After that we had a cuddle snooze on sofa and then Jon, Jo, and Arthur came down for dinner. We took them to the park for a run around and then gorged them on pizza… 

Sunday was a pretty slow day overall – though I went for a 10k run – my longest yet. In the afternoon we went to Kerry, Marty and Hunters for a play to get us through to bedtime – which was flawless.

Their adorableness is increasing with their language skills. One night last week as I was putting them down I could see the lights on their monitor, bu didn’t hear screaming. I turned on the sound and they were singing Frere Jaques to each other.

This morning we were downstairs and they had a little chat which we overheard on the monitor.

Isaac: Margot!! What’cha doin’

Margot: I sleeeeping. What’choo doin’

Isaac: I sleeping too. 

Margot: okay! 

Isaac: what are mommy and daddy doing?

Margot: they downstairs making breakfast. 

Isaac: oh! Okay! 

We’ve got them this special clock which has a star for nighttime and a sun for day. You train them not to get out of bed / call for you till they see the sun in the morning.

Ours is set to 6:30.

They kept chatting this morning and were perfectly happy. But, the second the sun came up they started shouting ‘Mommy, Daddy, the sun’s awake!!!!!’