27 Obviously it’s October – 2017

31 October 

Well that was a quick month!

We’ve been having problems with Isaac’s tummy. We keep needing to keep him home from nursery. To his credit he’s not had a single accident! (Margot continues to not get potty training).   

This morning the nursery manager said that they accept he isn’t ill – but that we need to get him into the doctor and to a specialist. I just felt like such a negligent parent. 

I had to go home and have a little cry before going into work. I duly called the GP and have an appointment for the 15th November. 

Over the weekend we went to Cambridge and saw Jon and Jo and Arthur. They are expecting another boy – who Arthur refers to as Pineapple Pineapple. 

We had a lovely time and did lots of running around in parks and dressing up.

Then Sunday we went to Juliet and Iain’s for cake via the garden centre with a petting zoo and miniature steam train. Last time they were skeptical- this time they LOVED IT.

Today is Halloween – and yet again the twins were meant to wear their Leia and Yoda hats. 

Moderately more successfully than last year. 

The current thing with them is bread and butter. Isaac insists on JAM pleeeeese. 


 which she says in a deeply comic low voice which I’ll try and get on video. 

Proving yet again that they are very different little people – and that Margot is clearly my daughter.

25 October 

Keeping up!!

Last weekend we went to Ed and Lorna’s to see Big Twins and Toby. It was a great weekend and Margot and Isaac loved playing with the bigger kids as always.

Isaac has started saying something particularly cute:

I will say: Who’s a silly boy?

He says: I not a silly boy. I just Isaac! 

Margot is getting a real sense of humour – she often says things in clearly ‘funny voices’ and then cackles and says ‘Margot Funny!!!’

I’ve been having a hell of a time keeping up with this month’s updates. Between work and Patrick’s arm recovery there hasn’t been much time for anything else. So I am just going to try and catch up as best I can…

16 October 2017 

Lovely weekend 

We keep learning lessons in parenting. The key one seems to be that the busier we keep them at the weekend, the better we all get on. 

Saturday we met with Marty Kerry and Hunter for brunch and a trip to the park in which all three wanted to try out hunters buggy.

After lunch and nap we went to Benji’s 5th birthday – dressing up was not required but encouraged … so Isaac went in his tea towel cape and Margot went with her yellow princess dress… so standard everyday wear. One of the other Mums said – I love you guys you let your kids wear anything. As if I had a choice!!!

Sunday we had a lovely lunch with Claire and Maddy and a trip to the park. 

13 October 2017

Another sick day for Isaac 

I am starting to get concerned about the delicate nature of Isaac’s tummy. He had to say home again yesterday with runny poos. It must be diet related but I can’t work out what the heck it is. 

Poor kid – he also got massively car sick when I drove Patrick somewhere. 

Luckily he perked up. There were many bananas. 

11 October 2017


And just like that we are out the other side. Working backwards…

Patrick’s shoulder surgery went well and he’s in much less pain than we feared. I finished the half marathon (took me 3 hours and I walked the last 3 miles). Briefing the Secretary of State went well. My Urbanistas went well. So all in all it’s been eventful but positive.

I just wanted to capture a couple of the ‘cute’ things the twins are doing at the moment.

1. We were out of fizzy water so I mustered an insane amount of enthusiasm for REGULAR water. From the tap!!! They now think this is an amazing beverage and they call it Wreggily water.

2. When I make buttered bread and jam in the morning they now request that I butter their fingers. 

3. On the butter theme on Sunday Margot noticed that there was some butter smeared on the back door…

Margot: Mommy, butter on the door.

Me: indeed Margot, I wonder how it got there.

Margot: yeah… (thinks) … need a wipe to clean it up.

No longer sure she is my daughter.

4. Margot has become inordinately excited about peanut butter. I am once again convinced she is my child.

5. Isaac’s cape obsession had reached new heights. We have now been stopped on the street more than once as people comment on his cape. He likes to run down the road holding it out behind him saying ‘I’m flyyyyyying’.

3 October 2017

Off to a good start?

I have basically never wanted a week to be over so much. 

We found out last week that Patrick’s shoulder surgery is going to be 9 October. This week I have a massive work thing, chairing an Urbanistas thing, and running the half Marathon. Just totally floored.

Some of this is good stuff – but nevertheless I just want it all to be over…

The twins are sleeping well again which is a  relief – Margot’s nightmares seem to have passed. That said this morning Isaac woke up wailing for butter / jam at about 4:30… then when we got up there was almost no bread left. And what there was he didn’t want to eat. 

Poor boy. 

They are doing a lot better with the potty training – Margot in particular seems to have turned a corner. 

Still think we should have waited till after Christmas but hey ho.

They are so funny. I wish I could capture more of the things they say and the way they say it, but it all goes so quickly and by the time I’m in a place where I can record it, it’s gone.