28 November 2017

28 November 

The no-turkey day weekend

The coughs and general exhaustion have continued. Wednesday was the Budget Day. One of the guys in my team baked a cake to celebrate the end of (the beginning of) one of our big projects. 

On Thursday (actual Thanksgiving) I had two lovely children to be thankful for – and a job interview for a promotion. 

The twins have now names their bunnies: Isaac’s is ‘Nice’ and Margot’s is ‘Hop’.

The interview went well and then I went to a black tie dinner till 1:30am… Friday I was a bit worse for wear but found out I got the job. Which took the edge off my hangover.

John, Kait and George came round Friday night and then Saturday Kait and I made a vegetarian thanksgiving. Seriously it was the most relaxed thanksgiving prep ever. 

We had:

Squash stuffed with bulgur wheat, cheese, pecans and cranberries (I invented the stuffing)

Homemade bread stuffing

Mashed potatoes

Green bean casserole from scratch 

Sweet potato casserole (no marshmallows)

Homemade pumpkin pie (Margot has now had it for 4 meals and calls it punky pie).

Alec and Cheryl came over with their 9 month old Kit. Who was gorgeous.

However – Patrick and I are fighting off a nasty cold: Patrick in particular.

John and Kait decided to go home Saturday night and then Sunday we had a day where Patrick spent most of it coughing and sleeping. 

Monday and today Patrick has stayed home from work which is almost unheard of. Twins and I are only mildly ill in comparison – my current theory is that he is suffering more because his shoulder surgery has reduced his immune system.

The twins have taken to playing piano and singing (loudly). Margot seems convinced that the words to Frere Jaques are ‘Door May Goo’. And Isaac is keen on ‘ginger bells’. 

22 November 

And today’s instalment of kids say the creepiest things.

We were in the bathroom – a room I have found scary since childhood. Isaac has been having a total freak out about having a wee and is collapsed hyperventilating on my lap (it’s been traumatic for everyone). 

Margot then says: Somebody’s coming. 

Me: who’s coming?

Margot (whispers): a monster. 

Me: there’s a monster?

Margot: Yes. We need to close the door. 

She then closes the door and with her back to it whispers:  It’s here.

This is why I am never letting her watch Aliens.

21 November 

Keeping it quiet (the cough)

We have all been struck down by a nasty cough. Twins were running fevers off and on last week. I think we are through the worst of it though.

Wednesday I ran home early to get them to the GP for an appointment for flu vaccines and Isaac’s poo appointment. They were miserable and slightly feverish when I picked them up. Got them all the way to the GP to find out the doctor was herself ill. Also the nurse (quite reasonably) didn’t want to give them the vaccine when they were already ill. 

So Patrick stayed home Thursday incase they needed to come home. Also took Isaac to the rescheduled GP appointment that afternoon. 

Friday I worked from home to gave the boiler fixed (again). Definitely starting to think that we are paying for the cheap building work we had done eight years ago. 

We had a quiet night in on Friday – and then Saturday was drizzly so we went bathroom shopping. 

It got a little psychedelic.

Then we had Ciaran and Aidan over for a late lunch / supper. I invented a new pasta dish for the kids. Basically I involved steaming the stem of a broccoli and whizzing it into a sauce. That and a little cheese meant that even if they didn’t eat the florets they were getting the goodness. 

I have become of the ‘hiding veggies’ moms. Sigh. 

Sunday revolved around food. Steve Bull came round for coffee so obviously I had to make a coffee cake.

Patrick took the twins on a nap inducing walk while  went for a run.

Then I made lunch for Kat and Adrian. Roasted squash and chickpeas with coriander and pomegranate bulgur wheat, a quince, caramelised onion and feta (with rosewater, pomegranate molasses and honey) tart, and they brought a crazy 4 chocolate cake from Patisserie Valerie. 

Margot was hilarious during lunch. She kept sogomg Christmas carols, but to the tune of the tidy bitsy spider.

All in all it was a good  weekend.

Though… on Friday they both had runny poos at nursery. Then while Margot was normal over the weekend (though she had more accidents than not), Isaac didn’t poo all weekend. Don’t think he pooed yesterday and then this morning he said he needed a poo then freaked out when we got him to the loo. Not great. We watch and wait. 
14 November 

Finally a quiet weekend. 

That said… on Friday I took them for their 30 month health check. It’s a bit of a misnomer – they were looking at development milestones. The health visitor was very impressed with their language. Apparently she’s having to refer about 3/4 of the kids she sees to a speech therapist which sounds insane. There was one funny moment where she drew a stick figure with a round body and asked Isaac what it was. Expecting him to say something person related. He just said ‘Turtle!’ It did look more like a turtle. We gave him the points. 

At the moment they are gendering or personalising everything. So when I do jam on toast Isaac will say ‘need mommy jam. Need baby jam. Need little boy jam’ all in a big string. I think he wants different amounts of jam. They know that mommy or daddy things are bigger than baby things (or little girl / boy things). They seem obsessed with who’s a boy or a girl or who is who’s mommy / daddy. If I show them something they will often say ‘is it mine?’ Or ‘is in my one?’. 

On Saturday I gave a talk to the London Society. It went really well – but I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve been so stressed about a talk! 

I then met up with Abi for lunch. We went to Honey and Co and it was wonderful as usual. 

When I got home the twins had had a great day with Patrick and all three had a napped – Margot in the bed and Isaac on the sofa with Patrick.

So we took them to the park to play on their scooters.

Margot was saying ‘Here come me!’ 

They kept chasing one another around.

Margot told Isaac to be a monster. Isaac refused saying simple ‘I not monster. I Spiderman’ 

That night they helped me cook.

Sunday we went to Chloe and Ciaran’s for a big pre-baby lunch. It was amazing to have all the kids together. 

The twins had a late night and Isaac barely slept. 

This morning we set the alarm for about 25 minutes later. That meant that we had eaten breakfast and Patrick had left by the time they got up which worked brilliantly. They were in an awesome mood! 

Then tonight we got an email from nursery saying some awful virus is ripping through staff and kids – and Margot came home with a fever. So we wait… 

9 November 2017 

Entering my late mid-30s

I always feel like the holiday season starts with Halloween. Then we have my birthday, Bonfire Night (a new one on me since moving to the UK), Thanksgiving and finally Christmas and New Year. It’s basically two months of too much food and booze. 

This year started with Friday (my actual birthday) driving out to the countryside where Marty & Kerry had rented a mansion with 20 of their closest friends and kids. One of the friends is a chef and bartender. It was amazing.

There were even sparklers and a baby disco. 

We had a great time but the drives were exhausting for all of us. It was also Patrick’s first week back at work and so I think we all could have used another weekend. 

Margot has been working on her photography skills.

Though she’s also quite a model. 

She put that outfit together herself.

Isaac is OBSESSED with the Lego Batman and Spider-Man tv shows. He gets cranky if you don’t let him watch at least one a day.

Margot on the other hand is going through a reasonably easy going phase.

She’s being really sweet and cuddly. They’ve both had bad tummies this week. Really glad we are going to the GP next week.