Rachel and Patrick at the Grand Canyon
Rachel and Patrick at the Grand Canyon
This is a blog about what happens when you get what you always thought you wanted. 

Namely, after 10 years of ‘trying’ for a baby we had twins on 15 June 2015. 

We are delighted with Margot Scarlett and Isaac Wolfgang. But it sometimes feels like we’ve unleashed a twinpocalypse…

I’m an urbanist, feminist, reader, writer, sometime singer and policy wonk.

I am the co-founder of Urbanistas which is a women-led network for people working at the intersection of design, social enterprise and the built environment. More on that here https://urbanistasuk.wordpress.com/

My husband Patrick is a teacher, song writer and nascent sci-fi novelist. He and I will be sharing in the twinpocalypse through the brilliant new shared parental leave policy. It remains to be seen if we share blogging.

We live in Harringay, North London with our cat Cadmus. Though I’m originally from Austin, Texas by way of New York.


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