17 Advent – ures: December 2016

30 December 

Twinundated by cuteness 

In and amongst all the stress and busy-ness of having the babies I think it’s important to record some of the small and funny things that they do.

A couple weeks ago they sat on the bottom step in the kitchen ‘cheersing’ one another with their sippy cups. Then they put their cups down, grinned and started doing a little soft shoe shuffle. 

Today they were both sitting on the Eames chair. Isaac was playing with my watch and Margot had a notebook and pen. When I liked up, Isaac had gotten out of the chair to fetch the pen Margot had dropped. He handed it to her before going to fetch my watch (which he had dropped). So considerate! 

26 December 

The Christmas that was 

Yesterday we woke up and had a lovely morning just the four us, opening presents and having breakfast.

Then a walk and play in the park with Chloe and Aidan.

Then we had Claire, Maddy, Rob, Alex, Liz, Charlie and Ella for lunch. 

Today we went to the park and the twins had a nap in the buggy for the first time in months. 

Then we had a lovely afternoon. 

And time for bed. 

24 December 

Tomorrow is Christmas, it’s practically here! 

We’ve been having a pretty good week all things considered. Isaac’s dummy abstinence programme was sorely tested yesterday when he found a dummy that was lurking under a chair. He popped it in his mouth with a defiant look in his eyes. Patrick and I both thought this was the end! 

But Patrick bravely took the dummy out of his mouth and then Isaac just shrugged and got on with things. 

Last night we had Marty & Kerry and Hunter, and Hayley and Samantha round for an impromptu dinner. I went to bed at 10:30… Patrick got to bed at 1:30!

I benevolently let him sleep in. 

Twins and I put on radio 2 and danced around a to ‘sounds of the 60s’. 

We had a lovely day over all.

As we were putting them to bed, I recited what I could remember of ‘Twas the night before Christmas. Patrick reflected that this is the last year that they have no idea what’s going on. Still. I’m looking forward to tomorrow on their behalf!

21 December 

Dummy free day 2

Isaac had a great day yesterday! And Patrick put them to bed without a peep. I was at my work leaving drinks… 

This morning he woke up in a lovely mood, and was bright and chirpy. We had a 5 minute tantrum over something or other but we also danced around the kitchen to Me and Bobby McGee – so an overall success I’d say! 

It’s just so nice to see his face!

20 December 

Isaac’s last night in the nursery

Clearly that’s a metaphor! But we decided to break Isaac is the dummy / pacifier habit over this Christmas break.

Last night when he came home from nursery he didn’t have his customary dummy (I always thought of it like an old man’s pipe and slippers…). He was not particularly happy, but he was tired. He was still running a little bit of a fever so we gave him calpol… and piriton to help him sleep… 

We put them down as usual, and Isaac whinged for about 5 minutes and then slept all the way through the night. Despite still having a cough. They slept till 6, which is pretty amazing. 

This morning he was FURIOUS for about half an hour… but then cheered up and had breakfast. So proud of my little noodle. 

17 December 2016

The week we all got sick

The twins and I have basically been ill all week. On a Monday the nursery rang that Margot had itchy eyes and a fever. Patrick went and picked her up and took her to the doctor. She was diagnosed with conjunctivitis. 

Otherwise she was … but sad. I got a text from Patrick saying that she was singing to her lunch and asking plaintively after Isaac.

Tuesday we managed to make it all the way through the day.

On Wednesday I had my work party, but got a ring at about 4 saying Isaac was sick. Patrick picked them up, and the twins perked up by bedtime.

Thursday they were still a bit off so I worked from home just in case. At 1:30 the nursery called to say Isaac had another fever, but Margot was fine. 

Poor boy was very feverish.

But he perked up.

Friday I worked from home again. It was the day of the nursery nativity play but… again I got a call at 1:30 to go get them.

Not happy campers. 

But again they perked up.

Today (Saturday) the cold that I was fending off attacked with full force. I’ve had 2 naps… but have had to cancel going out tonight. 

We went to the soft play and saw Aidan and Ciaran. Then back to their place briefly where Margot and Aidan had a fun time…

Quiet night in tonight for me!

11 December

The day that dragged

We had a lovely day, but it was one of those where because we were out of our routine the day was a bit mixed.

The twins slept till 6:30, we got up and had breakfast and then Patrick and I tag teamed napped while the twins played.

We went to Violet’s second birthday and then came home for a nap. At about 4:30/5 the twins fetched their reins, like dogs who want to go for a walk: so we went to Brenna’s. she was on the middle of making an advent wreath.

Isaac was transfixed.

10 December 

The big bonk

It’s been a good week. Though the twins sleep seems to be more disturbed. I’m thinking teeth… 

On Tuesday night we had Jet, Milla, Tess  and Mark round for supper. Patrick was at a school thing, so it was nice to face have the extra help. 

Wednesday I was out for Urbanistas Christmas, Thursday Patrick had a parent’s evening, and Friday I had a work leaving drinks… so Patrick and I barely saw one another. 

This morning… the twins were playing … on the kitchen counter… which I admit isn’t great parenting. And then the inevitable happened. Margot fell off the back of the counter. It was terrifying. She was pretty upset.

But not displaying signs of concussion. Which it turns out are quite a lot like the symptoms of being 18 months old. Irritability, drowsiness, liquid coming out of your nose… that kind of thing. 

She was a bit sleepy so we didn’t want to let her sleep initially. So we put her in the tub.

Within 5 minutes she’d forgotten the whole thing. I don’t think I will forget that for quite some time! 

Naptime was a welcome relief.

We had Maddy, Rob, and Ed round for lunch and then to Billy’s fourth birthday… then I went to Will and Esther’s house warming. Ended up coming home by 11:30… so tired. 

5 December 

Best morning ever?

We had such a lovely weekend. Quiet night on Friday and a bit of a lie in (6:40) on Saturday morning. Margot got thoroughly engrossed in my new cookbook. 

Later on we went to get their hair cut at a specialist children’s hair dresser in Crouch End.

I couldn’t really take photos as Margot spent the whole time with her face buried in my chest, and then Isaac spent the whole time on my lap. 

Patrick spent the afternoon at Virginia and Alistair’s helping to hang curtains. The twins and I had 5 hours on our own… which was a bit tiring for all of us.

In the end they elected to eat supper in the cupboard.

We had another good night though. And then on Sunday they woke us up at 7:10. Unheard of! 

Then we had fun and games with a box.

We had a lovely morning and then they had a two hour nap. During which time we took delivery of our tumble drier!!!

Sam and Sarah came round and made us an amazing lunch. Then we walked all the way to Virginia and Alistair’s for mulled wine and mince pies.

We experimented with the reins.

We had a great time at the party and the twins played with all the other babies and went straight to sleep. 

Then this morning… We got up. Showered. Dressed. Had our breakfast and then went and got them at 6:30. They happily ate. Then I hung out with them doing laundry and getting bus all ready to go. They are pretty wary of the drier, but I love it!!! 

Then I walked them all the way to nursery. To be fair a walk that takes less than 5 minutes took 15, largely because they kept wanting to stop and look at stuff, but it was never the less a super successful journey! 

1 December 

The first day of Advent

Today we got out the Christmas Tree Advent Calender and I hung the Christmas stockings that Mom made us. 

So it’s beginning to feel a bit Christmassy. 

I fear that the twins aren’t going to be happy leaving the stockings up. So I may need to rethink this approach.