13 Amazingly it is August. Updates from August 2016

31 Aufyst 

Day 2!! 

The twins were so worn out from yesterday they slept till 6:40! We had a nice okay then took them on a walk at 8:30 and then to the nursery at 9:30. We hung out with them till about 9:50 when they were once again distracted by the police car and we slipped out the gate without making eye contact.

They stayed till 12… During which time we filled in all the registration paperwork, got the car inspected and I got a hair cut! 

When we picked them up they were flat out. 

When we got them home Isaac was too tired to eat so we had to put him down. Margot was still keen on her tortolini!

They had a fairly tired and fussy afternoon and ultimately went to bed at 4:30 for a nap… 

Hopefully they’ll have a good sleep tonight and then a longer day at nursery tomorrow. 

30 August


To say we took the twins to Little Jewels for their first day of settling into. When we got there at 10 our friend Georgina was dropping off her little boy Harvey. Everyone was crying. 

This did not fill me with hope. 

But luckily the twins were brilliant. They were quiet and clingy at first, but then Isaac started venturing forth and exploring. Margot soon followed suit. 

After about half an hour they were playing and ignoring us. 

They got very over excited about the police car! They kept pushing each other and trying to sit in the same car.

When we got them home we had more Manti for lunch. 

They had a play for a while and I went to get some paper work done. Then I took them on a long walk. Absolutely gorgeous day. 

They slept the whole time. 

At dinner we gave them tortollini for the first time. Isaac thought it would be hilarious to throw them around and Margot kept pouring them out of her bowl and then putting them back in again. There was much laughter and eventually they ate.

We gave them a bath and then a bit more of a play and they went to bed without a murmur. 

I hope this bodes well.

29 August 


Ella, Charlie, Margot, Isaac, Alexa, Savannah

Bank Holiday Bagootes Festival

So back in the 90s Patrick’s family bought a house in France with the Bagshaw family. There are four kids in each family of roughly the same ages. 

Now there are 18 adults and 11 kids between 1 and 7… It was pretty epic. 

There was a bit of mishap with Isaac falling down the stairs of the tree house but he was fine (babies are bouncy). 

But it was great seeing the older kids looking after the little ones. 

27 August 

The day after the night before. 

Yesterday was my last day at work before my week off to settle the twins into a nursery. So I managed to crack through my work and left about 3. Patrick and the twins were at the Clissold Park paddling pool with a bunch of the NCT lot.  

We had much prosecco for the grownups and watermelon for the babes.. And some paddling and Isaac learned how to ride a scooter.

Then we all came back to our place for Turkish food and more wine. We got to bed at 2:30…. 

Patrick let me have the first lie in till 7:30. Then I got up and the babes helped me tidy till 10.

Then they took an epic nap from 10-1. I love them so much!! 

Then we drive down to Rox and John’s for the Bagshaw Cootes reunion. 

25 August

Still hot!

By any Texan standards it is not hot. By London standards it is sticky and sweltering!!! 

The babes slept in their diapers last night.

This morning Juliet, Milla and Tess came over to look after them so Patrick could go in for an exam results day. Isaac was so happy to see Juliet that he just clung to her for about 5 minutes. 

She also brought an adjustable piano stool and Isaac was delighted. He treated us to a little recital.

While I was in a meeting this arrived from Juliet.

Clearly they are having an excellent, clothing optional, day. 

24 August 

Hot hot hot 

It’s been a very warm couple of days. Which makes everyone restless. Last night Isaac and I couldn’t sleep and had to sleep together on the sofa for a couple of hours…

When I got home they were sweaty and tired. So we kept them going for an hour until dinner… Which we had to feed them separately.

Then a cool bath.

Apparently Isaac had pushed Margot down the stairs…

You’d never think it to look at him.

I was twinundated!
Isaac was super cute with his Captain Adorable cape.

Then after the twins were in bed Charlotte and Kate came over for the first night of Bake Off. I was inspired and made buckwheat pancakes with chard and tomatoes from the garden. 

And then a fig tart for dessert. 

22 August

Ups and downs 

Yesterday we had an insanely productive day. We went for a walk with Maddy, Rob and Percy. Managed to do all sorts of tiny things around the house, and had a chat with Granny and Poppa Jim. 

Then in the afternoon we went to Cheryl and Alecs for a BBQ. We got there a bit earlier than the other guested to try and settle the twins in. It seemed to work. Alec and Cheryl are expecting a baby in February… Seriously these babies are coming thick and fast now!

Isaac was hilariously adorable. I tried to get him to eat a lettuce leaf. He held it in his hand and I took bites and made yummy noises. He looked baffled and the started tearing off little bits and feeding them to me and giggling. Super sweet! He also made friends with the chickens.

Then this morning I was all ready to go to work and about to get on my bike when I just started throwing up for no apparent reason. I hadn’t felt very hungry… But wasn’t expecting to be so sick. 

Anyway I called in sick and went back to bed. I took the opportunity to make up some pasta for the twins’ lunch. We’ll see how this goes down. For the record I think it is DELICIOUS.

And so they are up from their nap. This is what my sick bed looks like (or more accurately sofa)

And so lunch was a mixed success. Isaac loved it. Margot did not. 

They then had a very screamy afternoon and a late nap… We will try the greens again at dinner…

20 August


Yesterday I worked from home and Patrick took the twins to Claire’s. While there they experimented with a new hairdo for Margot.

Meanwhile – I got on with work. With a little help.

When they got home it was time for dinner. Isaac was inexplicably furious so Patrick took him away and I tried to feed Margot. 

She was more interested in playing.

They ended up with so much macaroni in their hair we had to give them a bath.

Then today we went to see Liane and baby Lyra. She’s only 3 weeks old and just lovely. The twins were pretty reasonably behaved… Patrick was the first person to get a snuggle.

18 August


Camilla and Juliet looked after the twins yesterday and today. In wonderful news Camilla is having a baby in March. Amazingly Maddy is also pregnant (having JUST announced the save the date for her wedding next year). Still early days for Maddy but if all goes well Margot and Isaac will have little cousins next spring.

In funny news, Margot stubbed her toe on her wooden dinosaur. She looked at her toe, looked at the dinosaur and then started hitting the dinosaur! Clever child.

It was a very warm day, so we did some splashing in a bucket!

17 August 

Sunny Sunday BBQ kickstarts the week

As promised on Sunday we hosted the NCT crew at our place for a BBQ. Everyone was there except Danny/ Katy who were on holiday and Jess/ Alex as Marley had a vomiting bug.

Patrick and I traded off looking after the twins and prepping for the BBQ. I made a bunch of veggie and halloumi skewers.

While I was making them Patrick was looking after the twins in the living room. All was quiet, too quiet. The next thing I knew he was yelling for me to get into the living room. I absolutely flew into the room to discover him standing at the bookcase with Margot covered in diaper rash cream. He couldn’t clean her up without letting go of her hands. It was all over her hands and her face but not really on her clothes (somehow). She was sitting quietly. Clearly she knew she’d done something wrong. I started cleaning her up as Patrick explained that he’d seen her sitting quietly in the corner with his back to him. He thought she was just playing with one of her toys. It took a couple of minutes to work out what she’d done.

Meanwhile as we were busying ourselves with tidying her up Isaac got frustrated that he wasn’t the centre of attention / family drama so came over and wrapped his arms around my legs, beating his head against my thighs to be picked up….

Happily the rest of the day went with much less drama. People arrived from about one and then didn’t leave till 9:30… Much merriment was had!

Monday and Tuesday were very much normal days. Me working, Patrick looking after the babes. They’ve been particularly sweet and funny when I get home. Wanting cuddles and to be hung upside down, peekaboo and all sorts. 

Today Patrick had to go into school so Juliet and Camilla came to look after the twins. Juliet will stay the night and then look after them tomorrow as well. 

13 August

The sun comes out. Isaac turns blue. Everything is just a phase.

Clearly things are afoot with the babes. They have been incredibly clingy and needy. Isaac even got so enraged that he had two tantrums in which he held his breath till he turned blue. Terrifying but normal. 

Last night I came home early and we drove out west to see Aunt Amanda and Uncle Robin. We then went into the gorgeous town of Cirencester for a pub lunch with cousins Hal, Sally, Ruth and little Freddie. I totally failed to take photos but it was a really gorgeous day.

Tomorrow we have almost the whole NCT coming round for a BBQ at lunch. Seven one year old and flames. What could go wrong? 

But first some pre bedtime fun with the toy box!

9 August 2016

Sometimes they just cry

I worked from home today which meant I was able to go with Patrick to get their vaccinations. 

They’ve been oscillating wildly between incredibly sweet and cute and absolutely fussy. 

When they are in a nice mood they are totally hilarious. They are going through a phase of putting things in things. 

But when they are in a bad mood – and I am primarily talking about Isaac here – it’s just awful. Long bouts of crying and then arching his back and beating his arms and legs on the floor. There is no rhyme or reason. Sometimes he just cried. On the postitive note – everything is just a phase.

This afternoon Shawn and I took the babes on a walk. 

It’s been great having him here with Patrick and the babes. He’s not a ‘natural’ with the kids but he clearly really likes them. They are quite likeable sometimes. 

7 August 2016

A year of daily(ish) updates 

What an incredibly busy week! It’s been a year now since I began the regular updates. It began as a way of keeping track of sleep training… To be fair to them they are now sleeping through the night! 

Last week the twins went from strength to strength with their walking.

We went on a walk with Brenna on my working at home day on Tuesday.

On Wednesday Patrick went to Adele’s to hang out with her and Jack.

On Saturday we went to Juliets for coffee and cake.

Then we went to play at Jon and Jo’s with Arthur and his tractor.

Also ice cream.

And someone was being Captain Adorable.

Then on Sunday JM and Vicki came over for BBQ and watermelon.

It was all going really well… Then the sugar crash! Isaac screamed for ages… Definitely scared off the prospective parents.