15 Autumn begins in earnest- October 2016

29 October 2016

Happy family

What started as a stressful week ended brilliantly. On Wednesday we took the babies to nursery and then went out for breakfast and on into town where we ran errands and picked up Margot and Isaac’s Christmas presents. 

When we picked them up from nursery they were tired but sweet and had clearly had a good day.

Thursday I went into work, but it was a good day and ended with an Urbanistas social. On Friday I was working from home. Managed to be super productive and again had a lovely evening with the twins.

Margot is picking up language really quickly now. Though she doesn’t have many words it feels like she’ll be coming out in full sentences in no time.

This morning we hung around the house with till about 11 and then took them to Claire’s. She kindly agreed to have them for 24 hours so Patrick and I could have some adult time to celebrate my birthday.

We went to the Tate Modern, to Texas Joe’s and then to the Globe to see a play. Amazing day walking around London and generally having a great time.

We’ll go pick them up tomorrow around lunch and no doubt have many reunion cuddles in the afternoon. 

25 October 2016

Half term. Much needed. 

Soooooo this has been a rough week. On Thursday I went into work. Had a great meeting in the morning and then by 12 was on my way to the single worst stomach virus I have ever had. I slept 15 hours of the next 24 and the times I was awake were spent moaning in pain. It was horrendous.

Mercifully neither the babies nor Patrick fell victim. 

On Friday evening I was meant to be going to a colleague’s leaving drinks and Patrick was meant to have our Nct friends over as it was Martijn’s birthday. We had them all round but it was reasonably subdued.

Saturday morning the twins woke up at about 4:45 and Margot just wouldn’t stop screaming. We all ended up on the sofa passed out until 9:30… we then had the ‘easygrass’ guy round to give us a quote on replacing our lawn with AstroTurf (the expensive classy kind). Our friends are mostly divided on this turn of events. Those without children think we are committing some kind of lawn treason. Those with kids wonder what took us so long. 

Later we went to lunch at Duncan and Abi’s new place in west London. The twins were mostly well behaved in such a chic environment… though Margot did break a glass and two coasters and poured soup down her front. So maybe not that well behaved. 

But she has been perfecting the art of ‘cheers’.

Sunday morning was another hideous scream fest. This time I let Patrick sleep in and took them on my own from 4:45 to 9. We had some fitful sleep on the sofa but it was all pretty stressful. 

They ended up taking a two hour nap from 11-1. I slept a bit too which was helpful. 

I was mainly stressed that we had a really full couple of days ahead including two over nights… 

on Sunday afternoon we went to Patrick’s colleague’s. He has a little girl (Rosie) who is ten months older and adorable. 

Luckily they went down well and slept through! Miracle.

Then Monday morning (yesterday) we got up and went to see Ed’s new place and all the cousins.

It was total chaos. Margot enjoyed herself but had some exhausted moments and only eventually napped at 4… Isaac didn’t take a nap at all but was on great form wandering around and playing with the bigger kids. 

We got up early today to get the back in time for nursery and will be picking them up a little early to go see Juliet over at Camilla’s.

16 October 2016

16 Months old!!! 

It was an epically long week this week. Last weekend we went to the West Country to see Patrick’s cousin Abi to plan their joint 40th in January. Then saw Aunt Amanda on the Sunday (along with the rest of the cousins) for brunch. Then off to John and Kait’s to for lunch and to pick up John who spent the week with us while he was in London for a course.

It was a good week but a bit mixed for the babes sleep wise. But as the weather turned colder I have started using the sox Mom made them – which is adorable.

On Friday there was a little party at the nursery so I asked if I should bring anything. Of course she said sometimes parents bring sweets… so me being me this meant I was up till 11 on Thursday night baking (rather delicious) chocolate chip cookies.

On Friday Claire came to the party and then we took the babes home a bit early – with enough time to give them a bath (they’re normally far to tired in the evening).

Then on Saturday we went to see the lovely Ben Mair do a gig in Crouch End.

We had a great time. Camilla, Mark and Tess were all there too. It’s great to have so much family close by. 

Then today we went to Claire’s for lunch. Twins had MUCH fun. 

They learned how to Cheers. Margot even started saying something a bit like cheers. Isaac… Isaac learned how to call people on my Facebook. He called Lauren in New York, who sensibly didn’t answer, and then my Mom. Who of course did!! It was so funny looking at the phone and and seeing my Mom’s face!

Clever boy. 

Here’s hoping for an easier week sleep wise. They keep waking up at 4:45… partly because Isaac has a lingering cough. Really hope that clears soon! 
7 October 

What a mixed week…

Absolutely exhausted. The babies woke up and screamed from about 1 am to 2:45… no idea what the hell was going on so we’ve all been pretty exhausted today. 

But overall we’ve had a nice week. On Wednesday Juliet and Iain came over and we picked them up early. She made them new trousers!

We also had some pretty successful dinners.

Tortellini continues to be popular but most decidedly not the smoked ham… 
3 October 

Evening edition 

The babes had a great day at nursery and were very cuddly at home before bed. 

Margot got very excited about singing. 

Morning edition

Though Isaac is still suffering from disrupted sleep we ended up having an amazing morning.

I took them for a walk first thing and as we were riding along I realised that Isaac likes to ride with his arm resting on the side of the buggy. 

Just like his Grandad Connie. 

The when I took them into the nursery he was really excited and jumped out of the buggy. No tears. Margot was more sedate but no less happy. Hurrah! Here’s to a great Monday. 

2 October 

Busy busy weekend

On Friday we had a bit of good news (more on that later) and so instead of having a quiet night in as planned we had Marty and Kerry and Hunter round for pizza. 

Then Saturday was a pretty standard day – it rained most of the day but we eventually made it out to the park. Isaac was an intrepid climber!

Then Ailsa and Ken came round for dinner and then stayed over. Isaac is still struggling to sleep through the night, which is hard for everyone. 

We had pancakes for breakfast and then had Pinky and Jaye and Ella for a Sunday lunch. 

Isaac ate cake.

Margot ate dirt.