03 Autumnal Adventures – updates from October 2015 

31 October 2015

A final word (mostly pictures) 

So today we decided to try out the new strollers. 

We went for a walk in some of the last of the autumnal sunshine with Hayley. Then for pizza at a new place – Buonissimo. It appears to be run by actual Italians!! Lovely lovely pizzas. 


Isaac and Hayley having a cuddle
Margot’s hair just gets more punk-rock


Isaac not quite sure what to make of this…

Then home for some attempted napping and playtime! 

31 October 2015

The day, the week, the month that was.

Today is Halloween. Definitely one of my favourite holidays as a kid, and though it’s catching on here, I don’t think they’ll ever be able to surpass the glory that was Trick or Treating on Paramount. 

I went into work for two days this week. It was utterly surreal to be there. I was in back to back meetings (pretty much) catching up with colleagues and work mates. As much as had changed, nothing really had. 

The option for pumping seems to be being locked into the IT cupboard (it only locks from the outside)… Not great. I’ve crowd sourced some ideas from friends about how to deal with this when I get back. That said by then the twins will be on solids so it might be less of an issue.

The babies did incredibly well with their extended Dad time. Jammie came on Wednesday and Jet on Thursday so he wasn’t on his own, but the feeding was pretty traumatic so I’m glad he had help. 

The babies have finally accepted rubber nippled sippy cups. We’ve decided to make the last feed of the day a sippy cup feed so that they stay in practice. This means I need to do pumping but I think it’s for the best in the long run.

Last night we managed to get them to eat about 100ml each and then I topped them up. 

Yesterday we bought two individual strollers so that we can take them with us to the airport / Austin. One is blue and the other green. We’ll be putting Isaac in the blue one. Sometimes it’s easier to conform. People so often ask if we have two boys. Presumably because Margot isn’t festooned in pink and magenta. 

Here are a couple of my favourite photos from Wednesday. 

In retrospect this has been a bigonth for the twins developmentally.

Margot: likes food. Mainly savoury dairy products. Wakes up smiling. But do not attempt to wake her up. Loves standing and also hanging upside diwn. Is wary of strangers. 

Isaac: has a ticklish neck. Loves being cuddled and held while sleeping. Really enjoys vomiting. Grins like a lunatic much of the time. Adores his flamingo toy. Sometimes screams for literally no reason. 

27 October 2015

Bottle Battles continue

This half term would be so much simpler if I weren’t going into work and therefore we weren’t trying to force the twins to take a bottle. It was yet another struggle to get them to take even a few ml today. I completely blame myself for this. I should have maintained their bottle skills. It was stupid, lazy and shortsighted of me. 

Last night they needed a 3am feed and never properly settled – so we didn’t get off to a brilliant start. It’s not been all bad. We had some excellent times on the Eames chair. 

When I attempted to go out for coffee the twins refused to settle. So we had to go for a walk instead.

In positive news Margot has turned into quite the little talker and started blowing bubbles today. 

I am unbelievably nervous about going into work tomorrow. Mainly because I know how rough it’s going to be for Patrick and the babies. But Jammie (and Percy) are coming to help out so hopefully it won’t be completely awful… 

26 October 2015

The Bottle Battles

So because I’m going to work for a couple of days this week we are reintroducing the bottle. This is proving pretty tricky. Margot (weirdly) will take the bottle but doesn’t like it. Isaac has been flat out refusing and working himself into an absolute state.

Luckily it’s half term and Patrick is here.

Particularly nice for story time.

25 October 2015

It’s been a busy but nice few days. The twins have been reasonably good sleepers. And the weather has turned colder, meaning we can wear our cardigans more and more.

They’ve been sleeping through the night fairly well. We were up in Cambridge last night. And Margot slept through the night.

Then today we had an impromptu visit from Uncle Ed and Cousin Alexa.

Then we went to the pub for lunch and got a shot of all the NCT babies. Fair to say the twins were less than thrilled.

Left to Right (and in birth order) Lochlan, Jack, Henrietta, Aiden, Margot, Isaac, Marleana, and Hunter.

Today we are trying to re-introduce a bottle to the twins. Patrick is in half term this week so I’m going into the office for two days… If today is anything to go by the twins will be pretty hangry. 

21 October 2015

Sleep regression?

Last night the babies demanded a feed about 3:30. Which feels like a backward step but on the plus side they went straight back to sleep and we all slept till 7:45.

Tonight I’m off to see my ex-CABE colleagues. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since our funding was cut.

Babes didn’t enjoy being fed and put down early. But Patrick has been a saint. It’s the first time I’ve been out on my own since they arrived. Feels strange. 

I do love living in London!

 20 October 2015

It’s been a strange day. Isaac seems to be back on screaming when feeding. I’m pretty sure he’s teething.

Margot is still keen on food. This was her attempt to talk me into giving her some of my oatmeal this morning.

I acquiesced but apparently she didn’t like it as much as the blue cheese sauce. 

We went for a long walk with Adele & Jack. Through Downhills Park and then Lordship Rec. It was really beautiful! I’m so enjoying getting to know different parts of the neighbourhood. 

19 October 2015

Today was an incredibly busy day. Started out slowly enough with a snooze from 7 – 8:45 but then we went to our final post-natal Pilates class. The babies were reasonably well behaved but I’m relieved that next term I’m doing evening Pilates! 

We got home about 11 and the babies snoozed while I showered and got ready for… the twins NCT reunion . 

I have never seen so many babies.   

 We walked to Kathryn’s AMAZING house in Islington. It was very near Texas Joes and it was all I could do not to pick up bbq for dinner.

It was great to catch up with everyone and see so many little people the same size as ours. Apparently twins are just a bit small. 

Margot and Isaac were really well behaved while we were there (happily) but l payed for it with an hour of screaming when I for home. Quiet eveing tonight and quiet day tomorrow. After Pilates and two hours of working I am absolutely exhausted! 

18 October 2015

Today was Sunday and it was fairly low key. Lots of napping for both babies and adults. One thing if note happened – Margot got her first taste of food.

She’s been avidly watching the cooking and eating process for a while now and yesterday Patrick gave her a lick of blue cheese sauce. 

She loved it and clearly wanted more! 

Isaac hasn’t yet been so bold. 

They went down really well last night and went through another night from 7-5:30 without a feed. Though Isaac still wakes up a lot and needs settling. I think the pacifier has proven to be a double edged sword in this regard! 

17 October 2015

Today Selina came to London to go on a long walk and have lunch. 

We went all the way through Parklands Walk and back through Hornsey. Babies thoroughly enjoyed it – Margot mostly slept and Isaac requested being carried about half way through.

 16 October 2015


Reading stories is increasingly fun. Particularly with Flamingo.

The twins are now, essentially, sleeping through the night. They have their last feed at 7 and wake up wanting food around 5:30. They’re still not quite sleeping the whole time but they only stir a bit. This has happened four nights in a row which feels like a major triumph! 

15 October 2015

It’s been a dramatic couple of days. Isaac had blood in his poo on Tuesday night. Which led to us spending all day Wednesday in the hospital. 

They suspected that he might have intussception – which would have been awful. But luckily it was just a virus that he seems to have gotten over. He loved being in the hospital. Particularly having the ultrasound – having his tummy covered in jelly was apparently hilarious! 

He also developed great control of his hands! 

Today was the twins four month birthday. We spent it at Jammie’s with Percy who is also celebrating his birthday. 

But it was the most exciting and wonderful when Daddy got home!

13 October 2015

Such promising beginnings

The day started so well… Last night we had friends Martijn and Kerry (and little Hunter) round for dinner. Babies were asleep by 7:45 and I was in bed by 10:30. Then at about 1:30 Isaac was fussing so I went in to check. Margot was still asleep so I gave him his dummy and took him into bed with me thinking that he’d wake me at 3. BUT we all slept till 5:30 and had a good feed. Then a lovely breakfast and a nap from 7:15 – 8:30 enabling me to have a shower and a doze.

Then… They both wanted to be held. And walked around. And then Isaac did his screaming bloody murder for 20 minutes when I tried to feed them at 9. I swear Isaac has a particular pitch to his screams that make me violently angry rather than sympathetic. Not great evolutionarily…

We headed up to Little Jewels and registered them. They’ll be starting in September 2016.

They were perfect all afternoon when Abi came to visit but then during the last diaper change of the day Isaac had the dreaded bloody poo. This followed two big poos earlier. Going to the GP in the morning. 
12 October 2015

The morning edition.

After two nights of hellish baby wrangling we were all back into a routine last night. We got them to bed by 7:30. By 9:50 we were in bed. Isaac woke up at 12:30, I gave him his dummy and then he slept till 2:30. Margot was still sleeping so I gave him his dummy and he slept again till 3:15. At this point Margot was awake so I fed them and we all slept till 6. 

Then we had a lovely lovely morning.

Margot made breakfast with Dad. 

Isaac played in the Pleasure Dome.

And then we had a lovely time on the play mat.

Now it’s 7:45 and the twins are napping. We’ll have a feed at 9 and then head out to Pilates. Let’s hope the good mood lasts! 

Post Pilates Update:

All is well! They were awake but happy throughout Pilates and then fell asleep straight after. So much so that I went for a coffee and danish while they snoozed. 

11 October 2015

It’s been a really mixed couple of days! 

We had another lovely day at Jammie’s on Friday and it seemed like all the unpleasantness of Thursday was forgotten. Until bedtime when Margot flatly refused to go to sleep. She screamed and screamed. Finally we gave in and went home. She slept in the car (of course). We then had a pretty uneventful night.

We got up and out of the house early-ish on Saturday to visit Amanda and Robin in Stroud. Abi and her family came for lunch. Unbelievable how grown up they all are. The babies were on really good form. Patrick and I took them on a nice long walk before dinner, along a canal and disused railway. As much as I love London, it’s always good to get a break and see some real landscapes. Sadly I was too busy having fun to take photos. 

At bedtime, again, Margot struggled to go down and wouldn’t settle after the 2:30 feed. It was a long and fraught night. Perhaps this is the dreaded 4 month sleep regression? 

A couple developmental things of note. 

Firstly Isaac is showing all the signs of being ticklish. We had a great 5 minutes of tickling and giggling.

Secondly, Margot seems to have developed stranger anxiety a few months early. She just weeps if anyone other than Patrick or me holds her. Too bad she can’t be ‘advanced’ in a more pleasant way… 

But on the plus side we spent the afternoon with Chloe and Ciaran and Young Aiden. Born on the same day as the twins! 

8 October 2015 

Margot woke up crying this morning which is very unlike her. Then I really struggled to get them down for a nap. 

Though when I was trying to get Margot down I swaddled her, leaving her right hand free to suck. She just left it hanging by her side and wriggled and whined. So. I re swaddled her leaving her left hand free and this is the result! 

Potentially a further indication of her preference for her left hand. 

After the nap we had a horrendous feed. Isaac shrieked for half an hour and refused to feed. Margot ate like it was going out of style. After an hour Margot finally decided she was done and Isaac went on. They then acted like nothing had happened. My ears are still ringing! 

The 3pm feed wasn’t much better. But afterwards we got to go for a walk in the park, coffee and cake.

They have been out of sorts all evening and a real challenge to put to sleep. Here’s hoping they wake up in a better mood tomorrow. 

*cracks open bottle of wine 

7 October 2015

It was a day of highs and lows.

For the second day running they had a really nice sleep in the morning. Enabling me to do all sorts is things like shower and tidy the kitchen. Of course the moment I sat down to read a book…

But I did manage to make some soda bread for lunch. Not sure why… 

Juliet came for the afternoon which was good as the babies had their 4 month immunisations. It’s always hard to go through that alone. They needed lots of cuddles and comforting in the evening. 

Camilla and Mark came over and we watched the GBBO finale and then had take away Turkish. Patrick didn’t get home till quarter to 9! 

6 October 2015

Today was a lovely day. We went to bed last night at 9 and the twins didn’t wake up till 2, and then again at 7. They then napped from 8:15 to 11. 

We had a friend round for lunch, then a walk round the park and a trip to a cafe.

We weighed them today and Margot weighed 12lbs and Isaac weighs 12lb 12oz. So they continue to progress well, but are still definitely the smallest in the NCT group. 

5 October 2015

I left my phone at Jammie’s over the weekend so haven’t been able to update regularly. We had a lovely day with Jammie on Friday. We had a long walk in the park and then a trip to the pub with Patrick’s colleagues.

Overall it was a quiet weekend. The twins did a lot is sleeping and we had a lovely time with friends and family. 

Today Isaac has spent a lot of time looking at his right hand. He seems to prefer it. Margot seems to prefer her left. We’ll see if that sticks! It was horribly damp all day so we three snoozed and didn’t actually make it out of the house! 

1 October 2015 

It’s a really and truly gorgeous Autumn. Cool and bright days – my favourite. Which is just as well as we are going for at least an hour long walk a day. 


Today was a good day. The babies slept well and napped well. And we had lunch with Guy and little Freddie.