12 I’m so July! Seriously??? – reasonably frequent updates from July 2016 

31 July 2016

A week in France!

And of course I failed to post … 

We went to the Dordogne for a week. Claire came with us. The plan was to leave London quite late and then drive over night to try and prevent baby jet lag. 

It all stared ok.

Though we were delayed by 3 hours at Folkestone. Apparently there was a whole thing… 

The drive was long but not as awful as I’d feared. We stopped off and had croissants. 

We got to Judys about 11 am and then had lunch and headed to the campsite to check in. That night we went to Jack’s 30th. Sooo many babies. Lots of twins 🙂 

Beautiful sunset and paella!

Sunday we went to Clem’s and had a bbq. We finally took the twins swimming. Mixed success. Margot loved it but Isaac was so stressed he fell asleep on the kilo… 

We also had icecream.

We then went for dinner for Claire’s birthday. It was a really lovely restaurant. So good we went there later in the week.

Monday I went for a run in the morning. Then Margot and Isaac helped clean the porch. 

Then we went and had lunch at Judys. Then we left the babies and went canoing! 

The canoeing was gorgeous! 

Patrick and I ended up getting ahead of the group and we had a few hours on our own! Amazing. 

Tuesday we had another lunch at Clem’s. More swimming and BBQ. 

Wednesday we went to the market and bought the twins hats!

And shoes 

On Thursday it was our anniversary. Apparently 15 years is crystal do we went to the Grottes de Villars.

Friday we left early! 

On the way back the twins were great. Though they did work out how to escape from the car seats as we drove through Paris. 

We spent Saturday at Claire’s as we still had Airbnb guests.

All in all a great week! 
20th July 2016

Hottest days of the year

Yesterday and today have been the hottest days of the year. Highs in the 90s. 

So yesterday the cat found the coolest place in the house.

Margot and Isaac had a cool bath. 

I missed all of this as I was at a conference all day, then a launch of a report at the House of Commons, and then an Urbanistas Social.

After a long hot day yesterday today was pretty rough! 

But the twins had Spaghetti – messy but popular.

Then they went to Virginia’s for some play time with Hettie and Jack. The water table also proved very popular! 

When I got home they were in a sweet mood and Isaac walked back and forth across the living room three times! 

Today they had ice cream and blueberries for the first time. It was successful. 

18 July 2016

Daddy daycare part 2

As Patrick’s last day of school and was Friday he is now back on full time childcare again for the 6 weeks of summer. It’s fair to say that he wasn’t totally thrilled by this prospect. Clearly dealing with 1500 teenagers is more relaxing than two nearly walking twins.

Not a bad start to the day. The twins slept till about 5:45 and then napped for over an hour from 10. Giving Patrick enough time for a shower and even to get some work done on his book. They woke up and had a play in the garden. 

Today Ciaran was also on Dad duty – so they met up in the park after lunch. London is experiencing a heatwave so everyone was out. Including meeting some yummy mummies.

They had beers in the park.

One wonders at what age pictures of the twins with alcohol will cease to be funny. Clearly not yet…

17 July 2016

Living for the weekend 

What a lovely Sunday! The babes slept till 6:30. We got up and had a lovely breakfast then we had a play while Patrick mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedge. 

The twins went down for a nap at 11:00 and slept until quarter past 1!! Which meant we missed our weekly catchup with Granny.

We then went off for a walk and met up with Adele, Tom and Kack in the park. Margot loved the swings, Isaac was properly terrified.

They’ve been doing so much walking today. It’s been amazing. They then went to bed pretty much immediately.

It was a really good day. 

16 July 2016

What a week

The twins spent Tuesday at Claire’s as well. Then Wednesday and Thursday at home with Juliet and Iain on the Wednesday and Tess on the Thursday. Then yesterday at home with me. 

They’ve both been doing a lot more walking and singing. Which is fantastic fun! 

Wednesday and Thursday were intersecting because Juliet didn’t come over till 8, so I had just over an hour baby time before going into the office. 

So morning playtime on Wednesday …

… And Thursday.

Friday we had a pretty mixed day. They were just a little over sensitive all day. 

Brenna came over for lunch. And then Chloe, Kerry and Virginia came over for Prosecco. 

They also struggled to nap. So we went on a walk. 

It was Patrick’s last day of school. But he came home by 5. Running a fever. So he went to bed about 7:30… 

We both got up for baby breakfast at 6 but he went back to bed afterwards. And I have had fun baby times. 

And then… Collapse! 


In the afternoon we went to Steve Bull’s for lunch – much fun was had.

Though the twins were full of ennui.


12 July 2016

Jammy Camp 

The twins spent yesterday (Monday) at Claire’s. Maddy came over and clearly they had a great time! 

When I got home they were in the best mood I’ve seen them in for ages. Isaac kept trying to eat my face and putting his pacifier in my mouth and laughing hysterically. 

He’s also starting to walk a lot more.

Margot is now saying bye bye and Hiya. She’s also being great fun. 

Isaac then had a really rough night. Woke up at 2 and then came into bed with us about 3:45. Hoping this is not a sign of things to come!!

10 July 2016

Back to normal. 

After the drama of Friday and Isaac’s fever I was really worn out mentally and emotionally on Saturday.

Luckily Patrick let me have a sleep for a couple of hours. Then Ciaran and Aiden came over for lunch. We watched the tennis and then headed to the park to meet up with Martjin, Kerry and Hunter.

In the evening Jon and Jo came over for dinner and spent the night. 

The twins were up at just before 5. Patrick and I fed them then had a tag team nap cycle. We had a highly successful call with Granny and Poppa Jim.

Margot and Cadmus tried to share Patrick’s lap with partial success.


And Isaac keeps putting his pacifier in my mouth and then giggling. 

They’ve been a bit fussy today. And Margot’s hives keep coming and going. But we ended the day on a happy note. 

9 July 2016


The twins spent Wednesday and Thursday at Claire’s and I was already booked to have them Friday (yesterday). Turns out that was really for the best!

Margot developed a horrible rash on Wednesday that has been coming and going – but doesn’t seem to be bothering her. According to Dr Lorna it’s totally normal and we should just give her baby antihistamines.

  So far so good.

However on Friday morning Isaac woke up in a foul mood. He was super clingy. 

He spent much of the morning on me – and then took a really long nap. 

Margot was having none of it and so helped while I put away laundry.

When Isaac woke up it was really clear that he had a fever. I couldn’t find our thermometer. So I met up in the park with Martjin and Kerry who were looking after Jack (and of course Hunter) for the morning. 

We all headed back to my place for pizza and prosecco. 

We were also joined by Tom and Katy. So it was quite a party. Isaac’s temperature kept climbing. At this point (about 2) I’d had him in the sling since 11, and he wouldn’t be put down. 

So I called the doctor and they told me to bring him in. Luckily I had lots of help to look after Margot.

The doctor said he couldn’t find anything wrong with Isaac – but by that point his temp was 39.2 (just over 102). So he said to keep an eye on him and take him to the hospital if he deteriorated. 

In the end I put the babes to bed at the normal time and they went to sleep without a peep.

Thankfully when I woke up this morning Isaac’s fever had broken and we have our happy little boy back.


5 July 2016

Daddy daycare 

Patrick was back on duty today. I’m pleased to report their pleasant mood has continued!! 

Back to Jammie’s house tomorrow.

4 July 2016

Mommy daycare day 2 (and Independence Day) 

It would appear that we are having a reprieve from the horrors of teething. The babies woke up in a lovely mood this morning and we had a really pleasant breakfast. 

Patrick went off to work and the babies and I played together for most of the morning. They played peekaboo over the arms of the sofa. All fun and games till Margot pitched headfirst over the arm of the sofa. She was fine, but a little shaken up. 

They had a good tussle over my planning magazine. 

Then a snooze from about 9-10.

While they were asleep I was able to do things like prep dinners for the week. 

When they got up we had a little journey upstairs to play music. 

Then we had a totally unfussy lunch which was a massive relief. 

We had a chat to Granny and Poppa Jim on the phone… Lasted about 4 minutes before Margot got too enthusiastic and hung up. 

She was most distraught. 

We hung out a bit longer and then they fell asleep on me about about 2:30… For over an hour. 

I managed to sleep a bit but then woke up to the horrors of children’s tv and no access to a remote control.

When they woke up at nearly 4 we went for a nice long walk. Then when we got home at about 5:30 Patrick was home and we were able to get them a lovely (and peaceful) dinner. 

We had more cuddles and playtime after dinner and then they went down totally quietly.

Patrick has tomorrow off as the teachers are on strike – so he’ll be spending the day with them. They’ll spend Wednesday and Thursday at Claire’s and then with me on Friday. 

3 July 2016

How the heck did this happen?

I have absolutely no idea where June went. It was a blur of first birthday parties… 

This weekend was similarly soaked in prosecco and fun. 

Saturday morning Patrick had a lie in so I hung out with the babies. 

We went to Tess’s place for lunch – she did an incredible Greek style roasted lamb. The babies preferred pitta bread. We’ve been having challenging mealtimes with Isaac. He is crying and refusing to eat. It’s taking its toll!!

But they were really happy at Tess’s. Her boyfriend Danny and Milla and Mark were there also, so it was quite a party. 


Yes, Isaac is trying to make Mark take his dummy.

The strawberries were a big hit!


Are there more strawberries??
indeed there are

That evening John, Kait and George all came over for supper and to spend the night. We had a lovely evening! In bed at a reasonable hour (for once).

Then this morning Patrick and I went to Hettie’s Christening. Followed by a prossecco fueled picnic in Green Park.

They had a good time but were completely tuckered out and slept in their slings the whole way home.


They woke up and played with George when we got home. In fact they’d just been to the Democrats abroad Independence Day picnic.