11 Jumping into June: 2016

30 June 2016

Mommy daycare 

Last night I went out for the first work drinks since I went back to work. Poured myself into a cab and got home at midnight. 

Today I got to spend the whole day with the twins. I think Isaac must have missed me he spent almost the whole morning on my lap. 

Margot’s upper eye teeth are coming in and really upsetting her. So we had a slightly difficult day. They refused a morning nap. Virginia had the day off to take Hettie to the doctor so she came over for a coffee. The babies and I hung out in the kitchen making their lunch after V left. We went back into the lounge about 11;45 and all of us passed out in a cuddle snooze till 1:30. 

So we had a late lunch and then hung out in the lounge till they got fussy again about 4. We then went on a nice long walk. I got them dinner about 5:45 and then into bed a bit late about 7:10.

I went on a run when Patrick got home. Then left over curry for dinner. And now I’m hoping for an early night. 

28 June 2016

Jammy Camp day 2

Today started off strangely. Namely because the twins and Patrick were at Claire’s and I was at home! Apparently they slept through and had to be woken up at 6. Unheard of!!! 

Today Claire had her friend Carol helping with Jammy camp. 

Clearly they were still tuckered out and required a midmorning nap. 

Margot apparently had a hard day with lots of clingyness and crying. She also learned how to climb up the slide! 


27 June 2016

Jammy camp day 1

With Mom back in Austin the twins are now beginning their three weeks with Claire. She has arranged to have someone with her almost every day – twin taming is just easier with an extra pair of hands. 

This morning was pretty crazy. We had to be out of the house by 6:30 – which included packing and breakfasts. We made it out by 6:40. Not too bad. 

Because mornings were so challenging we decided to spend the night at Claire’s a couple of nights. Today I had to Wolverhampton for work and wasn’t going to get back in time for baby bedtime so I came home and went to Pilates… So I am on my own. Odd. 

But Claire sent me loads of photos of the twins and it looks like they had a great day! 

 25 June 2016

Small steps 

So it’s been a momentous few days. Margot has worked out how to walk (11 steps last Wednesday and then progressively more confident). Isaac has also picked up his feet and had started walking a bit as well. 

While they’ve been so delightful we have also had the awful news that the UK has voted to leave the EU. It’s so destabilising it feels like there has been a death in the family. Only Margot and Isaac could make me smile yesterday. 



Then this morning we said goodbye to Granny. Which was hard for everyone. But I’m so glad she had two whole weeks with the babies. 


I think they were pretty happy about it too. 
20 June 2016

Well… To quote Princess Bride: 

Let me explain, no there is too much, let me sum up.

So the twins are one! It’s impossible to believe. 

On the first weekend in June I flew out to New York for the Barnard reunion. It was amazing to be back with my friends. I even got to see Gracie, Wanda and Maddie. They were in town and had just see Hamilton (so jealous).

Patrick had Alec and Cheryl’s wedding on Friday so he went and the twins got to hang out with Camilla and Mark. Then they all went down to Kent for Leo’s birthday.

They had a nice evening and Patrick came home and crashed with the babes. 

I ended up getting home about 3pm. Margot looked up at me like … ‘Hey, what are you doing here?’ Then we had cuddles and play time. 

The babes went to Claire’s on Thursday the 9th and had a good time splashing around in the garden.

Margot likes playing with Hats! 

Mom arrived on Saturday the 11th. We went to Hettie’s party that afternoon then to Aiden’s party on the 12th.

Much fun was had in the ball pit.

The 15th was their first birthday and I stayed home to spend the day with them.

We had a big party for them on Saturday

 the 18th. Lots of people came. 

Then on Sunday we went to the last birthday party – Hunter’s and much fun was had with balloons

It was also Patrick’s second Father’s Day.