10 Mayhem in May: updates from May 2016

31 May 2016

Baby steps 

So it’s been a day of highs and lows. Isaac is having a hard time sleeping again. Last night he just wouldn’t stop screaming. Patrick went up twice! And then I ended up sleeping on the chair with both of them from about 4-6 am…

Needless to say I was exhausted so came home from work a little early and got some extra play time with them.

After dinner they had a burst of adorable energy and Isaac ended up taking two whole steps! Any minute now.

AND I found out Gracie is in New York this week so I’ll be getting breakfast with her on Friday. Good times. 

30 May 2016

Another bank holiday! 

It’s been a busy few days… I’ve been slowly recovering from the food poisoning. Wednesday – Friday nights the babes slept through from 7 to 5:30/ 6. Which was incredible.

Sadly the streak broke Saturday night when we had Pippa and Leo over. They were whingey and screamey and given that Pippa is 35 weeks pregnant I just didn’t think they gave a great impression of parenthood….

Yesterday they basically refused to nap. I had them in the morning while Patrick had a lie in. 

They had a nice play but still refused to sleep!We even took them on a massive walk and they refused. Sooooo we were lucky they were pleasant at Jack’s first birthday party yesterday afternoon.
We ended up having Chloe, Ciaran and Aiden and Kerry, Martijn and Hunter back to ours for a takeaway. 

Today has been pretty restful but it’s only 9am…

25 May 2016

So yesterday I got food poisoning… I went to a very expensive restaurant for lunch and ended up getting hideously ill. 

Still… I had to get to work … But the babes had a great time! 

They had a play date with Great Aunt Juliet and then Felix and Izzy. So they got a little dressed up for the occasion. 

22 May 2016

Morning edition 

Last night was fantastic. Patrick and I were both feeling a bit ‘blah’ after the babes went to bed. So we took turns going  for a run. I did the Couch to 5k which is half an hour of walking and running. It felt incredible! 

Then the babies slept without a peep till 6:15 which is, I think, they’re best night ever. 

Today we are heading up to Juliet’s for Tess’ birthday. But first we went for a walk around the Woodbury Wetlands.

Evening edition 

We had a lovely time in Watton for  Tess’ birthday. The babies were on top form. 

Margot is continuing to astonish with her musicality. Iain played the violin for her and she was transfixed. I think she will play the violin… Iain is even willing to loan us the sweetest 1/8 violin. 


Isaac had too much fun with a squishy caterpillar. 


We also played in the garden, then took the train home. Such a wonderful weekend. 
21 May 2016

What a week!

The babes have finally recovered from their fevers. It’s been quite a long week. On Thursday I went to Manchester (6:55 train!!!) the meetings went well but the night before Margot screamed for about an hour. For no reason!!

But Patrick introduced her to dark chocolate and that went well.

But that wasn’t all… On my way home I got this text 

Just got home after triumphant outing to sainsbury’s. Needless to say the babies started crying, so I raided the cupboard to bribe them. Found an unopened twinky at the back of the cupboard, which they are now enthusiastically eating. On the plus side, they’re very happy with the twinky. On the downside, I’ve probably undone all the good work we’ve been doing with our home-cooked food. They’re now essentially e-number junkies. I am a terrible parent. But hey, like I said, at least they aren’t crying.

Friday I went to Birmingham – slightly later start but still quite rough. 
Then Patrick sent me this:

Margot very happy with her first ever haircut.

I think she looks very professional! 

In the end I met Patrick and the NCT lot at the pub… Where we stayed till 10pm. Much prosecco and food! 

Today we went to Pippa and Hannah’s for lunch. The babes had fun playing with the fruit! 


We lost Margot for a bit… And then found her under the coffee table!

16 May 2016

Feverish babes and midnight gardening (almost)

Poor lambs had a fever all day today. Patrick said they were up three times last night. Now that they’ve weaned finally able to sleep through the wake ups.

Then they slept on and off all day. 

I got this message from Patrick on my way home:

Haven’t showered or left the house. Babes have been sweet – Margot a bit feverish, sleepy and cuddly. Isaac lethargic but in a good mood. Both ate well at lunch.

When I got home they were fussy so we took them on a nice walk in the sun. They were awake but quiet.

Fed them dinner when we got home and Isaac are well, but Margot ended up choking and getting understandably upset. 

We all had a nice cuddle before bed. 

Then I headed out to Pilates. We ate when I got back and then at 8:45 decided it was an ideal time to do some gardening… Well when else??? So we planted peas, lettuce, chard and three little tomato plants. We shall see how they get on! 

15 May 2016

11 months today!

Morning edition 

We had a pretty good end to last week. I was feeling a bit emotional about them weaning. It feels like the baby phase is coming to an end. I suppose that’s ‘right’ but it came as a quite a shock. 

Yesterday (Saturday) we went up to Cambridge to see Jon and Jo. They are thinking about moving so we visited a couple of houses. We then went to a soft play, but the babes fell asleep in the back of the car so I sat out with them … By the time they woke up it was time to go.

So we went to a lovely pub.

Today we have Lochy’s 1st birthday – he was the first of the NCT babies… I’ll try and get some photos. 

Afternoon edition 

We had a good time with the babes at Lochy’s birthday party. There were lots of little ones the same age. Though, throughout both Margot and Isaac weren’t feeling their best. Upon returning home we’ve discovered Isaac has a slight fever. So we’ve put them to bed with some Calpol. Hopefully it will break before morning. 

And then it was time for bed 

12 May 2016

They’ve weaned.

3 days shy of their 11 month birthday. 

I’ve known this was coming. They were progressively losing interest. I’d dropped the evening feed due to lack of interst a week or so ago. Then with Margot sleeping through most nights … It was inevitable. 

Last night Patrick took a sippy cup of water up to Isaac when he woke up. He had a little drink and a cuddle and then went back to sleep. 

So that, I guess, is that. 

11 May 2016

Margot has a bad day

This is the first time I’ve felt properly upset about leaving the house in the morning. I was wearing a nice outfit as I had some big meetings. Margot wanted a cuddle and I didn’t want to be covered in sticky fingers. She just wept and wept.

So I cleaned her hands picked her up and cuddled her and she cheered up. It was just really hard to leave. 

Poor little girl. She had an awful day. Cried constantly. But eventually Patrick and Juliet worked out it was really awful diaper rash. But some bare bum time and being slathered in creme made her ok.

She is standing so much! Even on top of her play tree.

That said she was really off her food at dinner. Only managed a few mouthfuls. But apparently this can happen. 

Isaac was apparently on brilliant form today. Giggling and being a sweetheart. 

10 May 2016

The summer that started so positively last weekend was sadly over by yesterday evening.

I worked from home today and had quite a busy day… Though we did try and go out for a walk with the babes.

And on our walk we saw goslings.


9 May 2016

Evening edition 

Today Patrick took the babes to the park with friends! 

And I forgot to say… When I was at Claire’s on Friday we were listening to some operetta and Margot started singing… And then she did something extraordinary… She started beating her hand in time. Like she was conducting. She was perfectly in time. Clearly we have quite a musical girl on our hands! 

Morning edition 

The babes slept really well last night. Margot slept till 5, then fell back asleep till 6. At which point I had to wake Isaac up. It’s been really warm which I suspect has something to do with it. 

Isaac was in a funny mood this morning (refusing porridge which is unheard of) but then he drank a huge amount of water … So maybe he was just thirsty. Anyway he ate in the end.

They are both very excited about climbing stairs!


8 May 2016

Another Mother’s Day!

This has been a LONG week. Despite the fact that is was technically a 4 day week… 

Monday was a national holiday so we took a very ill advised trip to IKEA. Where we bought a few things but mostly were sitting in traffic. Isaac fell for a lint roller… 

He carried it all over the store.

We also decided it was time to dismantle the baby-jail. 

And we worked out a way to feed them both now they’re in high chairs 


Tuesday I worked from home, which meant some work in the morning and a long walk at lunch with the babes. We also had Jack and his dad Tom round at lunch.


Patrick went out that evening to Andy’s inaugural professorial lecture. I went to bed at 9! Bliss.

Wednesday was a huge day for me. It was the 4th Birthday for Urbanistas. I’d organised the whole event. And chaired the panel session.

The event was a huge success. We had over 130 people there – even though I’d only started advertising it two weeks ago! Needless to say I got home a bit late.

Thursday was Election Day for the London Mayor. I was giddy with getting to vote for the Women’s Equality Party. I plan on doing more work with them in the future.

Thursday I ended up coming home and collapsing. Unsurpringly. The babes haven’t been sleeping hugely well. Margot keeps standing up and screaming – totally inconsolable. I keep telling myself it’s just a phase.

Friday Patrick went to Claire’s and they had the MOST fun.

Margot keeps standing up – over and over again. Claire reckons she’ll be walking in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday was gloriously sunny and we had no plans. So sent round an email asking if anyone fancied coming round for a BBQ. Pretty much everyone did. I only got this one photo – but Ciaran was so darn pleased to be able to hold both babies! 

The twins are much smaller than the other babies. But everyone was really impressed by how much they eat! 

We got to bed about 11 and would have had an OK night’s sleep but Patrick dislocated his shoulder in his sleep. Hideous! 

Sunday we had a fun bath time. 

I’m thinking we need to start swimming lessons soon! 

1 May 2016

Mayday with with maniacs

They slept reasonably well last night. But 5:10 seems to be their get up time these days which is just so early… 

Still I did get crepes with lemon and sugar for breakfast. I have Isaac the lemons and he loved them. He’d take a bite and shiver because it was so sour and then smile and have another bite. So adorable.

Margot was less convinced.

After breakfast the babes had a nice play and then we all took a nap from 9-11 which was very welcome.

We had a pretty successful lunch, then a quick bath (which they both really enjoyed) and then off to the park to see Guy and Kate and Freddie. They’re expecting another little boy in September.

We went to Lordship Rec and had our lunch. Margot enjoyed the swings.

Isaac was not convinced. He mostly had a cuddle. In fact when I tried to sit on a swing and swing with him he started shaking with, what I assume, was fear. 

After the park Patrick and the babes went home while I got a much needed hair cut.

Then Kerry and Martijn and Hunter came over for coffee and cake (and a little wine). He’s getting so so big! The babes played really nicely together.

Quiet night in tonight. I’ve got tomorrow off for May Day – looking forward to having an extra day with the smalls.