06 New Year, new blog? – Dailyish updates from January 2016

1 January 2016 

Lots of new things….

2015 was probably one of the most eventful in my adult life. I started it pregnant and ended it with twins. I feel so unbelievably lucky to have got to this point. 

This has been a really wonderful and special holiday for us; introducing the twins to American friends and family. 

We left Austin today, which is always hard for me to do.

But luckily Mom and Jim will be coming out to London in a few months and so saying good bye wasn’t as hard as usual.



3 January 2016

Last days of disco 

Yesterday was a blur of travel and jet lag. It ended on a high with Brenna and Andy coming round for the first Cavendish Road Yakut Appreciation Society (CRYAS) meeting of 2016. 

Tomorrow I go back to work and Patrick takes over the Twinpocalypse. Both the babies and the daily updates. It’s so hard to believe this has passed so quickly!

Last night Margot had her first encounter with unrequited love. She was desperate to pet Cadmus, Cadmus refused, Margot wept. 

Today’s jet lag was better than yesterday. We’ve managed to unpack and even go out for a walk with Adele and Jack. We weighed the babes again Isaac is back on top at 6.51 kilos and Margot is at 6.48. That said Isaac is in the 2% and Margot is in the 11%…. 

Tonight we are going to make a bunch of purees to feed the babes. Hopefully this will mollify them while I’m away. They still aren’t loving the bottle or sippy cup. 

Something tells me tomorrow will be ok. 


4 January 2016

First days

Today was my first day back at work and Patrick’s first day alone with the twins. Overall I would say it’s a success particularly given the jet lag… 

While we’ve not yet handed over the blog and the daily updates Patrick did send me updates during the day. 

We had a horrendous night – so much screaming and they didn’t get to sleep till about midnight. Perhaps that’s not surprising given the 6 hour time difference. We ended up letting them scream for ages. Isaac passed out, but Margot, who is more stubborn, kept screaming till I took her to bed with me. All in all I think I got about 4.5 hours of sleep. 

We got up around 5:15 and fed the twins. Consequently I was in work by 7:15. It was pretty empty…

The babes napped till 10. Then Patrick gave them second breakfast.

First spoon feed! Isaac loves banana and this time 100% of it went inside him. He’s now playing with a sippy-cup of enfamil. Next comes Margot’s meal. 

And then….

Slight set-back. Margot hates banana, and I think I’ve figured out why: I mashed it up with some enfamil, which I’ve now discovered tastes absolutely disgusting. M is inconsolable. Ah well, the first day was never going to be easy.

Right: she’s taken 60ml of aptimil from a medela bottle (apparently she now thinks the sippy-cup is poisoned) which is better than nothing. Isaac well on track for baby of the day, having fallen asleep in the black bouncy-chair. We will get through this!

They went out for a walk with Chloe and Jess and to the shops. I left work earlyish and went for a coffee at the Building Centre to see Belinda’s new cafe. 

Amazing coffee and food. Banana bread with tahini butter… Just gorgeous. 

I got home at 4 and pumped about 250ml. Margot was happy and chatty and just having had 200ml of aptamil. Isaac had had some further banana and was snoozy in his bouncy chair. We went out for a nice long walk and a cuppa at Steve’s in Stroud Green. 

We decided to keep them up until 9pm in an effort to more gradually improve their jet lag. 

So I fed them at 6:30 and then we had more playtime. 

Margot’s love affair with Cadmus continues. Her new favourite thing is to rub her face in his fur.

Cadmus is less keen…

We then gave them a last feed at 8:45… And they were pretty snoozy. 

5 January 2016

Pumping at work? 

Last night Margot was fussy from about 11-12 but then slept through to 6:30. Isaac fussed and fed at midnight then slept with me till 6. Overall this feels like progress. 

I attempted to pump at work by trying a different plug adaptor but no luck. So I am going to be borrowing Adele’s battery operated pump. 

9 January 2016

End of week one! 

  So we all survived the first week. I took this when I got home Friday night. 

In the end I had to borrow Adele’s battery powered pump which works pretty well! 

Though this is my view… 

Juliet came on Wednesay and introduced Patrick and Isaac to naked messy baby feeding with excellent results! 

Today, Saturday we had Theo and Hayley round and introduced the twins to sweet potato and a walk in the park.

Patrick has been in charge of dressing the twins and has been rocking the non-gender binary. So today Isaac was in pink elephants and Margot was in dinosaurs.

They’ve been progressing massively this week. Isaac has caught up with Margot in terms of rolling and carpet swimming. 

Isaac has been an absolute champion of eating – he ate massive amounts of sweet potato today. But Margot has mainly been sticking with bottles – which is odd given how keen she was on food to begin with! 

11 January 2016


So much has happened I don’t know where to start.

Sunday (yesterday) started out normally enough. We had a bit of a lie in thanks to the babies demanding feeding at 4 and then sleeping till 8. 

We went on a nice long walk and then around 1 work called and asked if I would go into the BBC to do an interview… After some deliberation Patrick pointed out that if this is something I want to do then I need to just get back on the horse. 

When I got home we played some games. Particularly with an empty bag… Which are like crack for babies….

And Patrick invented a game called ‘foot stirrups’ 


We went for a late evening walk to Camilla and Mark’s house and then back home for the final feed and bed for the twins at 7. Then. Isaac slept through the night!! First. Time. Ever.

But then today the twins have been down with a cold and super snotty. I was working from home and that went pretty well (loved getting to take a proper long walk and get coffee with the NCT lot) but I ended up having to take quite a lot of phone calls which was tricky with the twins on my knee. So we’re still getting used to it.

12 January 2016

Early morning edition 

After the triumph of last night we had a massively difficult night which I totally blame the cold for. Margot kept crying and crying and wouldn’t settle. Isaac also had a hard time. No one got much sleep! 

19 January 2016

It was inevitable, I got the cold too. Last week was just challenging on so many sleep related levels. 

On Thursday night Patrick woke me up on the sofa at 8:30 and sent me to bed. 

Friday was Patrick’s 39th birthday and the twins’7 month birthday. So Patrick spent the day at Claire’s. I joined them after work at the pub. 

We had supper and spent the night at Claire’s. Then headed home early on Saturday. 

I was still exhausted from the week so Patrick the babes grocery shopping. We all went out on a walk in the afternoon and then Dave and Selina came over. 


Margot remains fascinated by Cadmus
Then on Sunday we went out to Juliet and Iain’s for lunch and spent spent the night. Turns out Margot is terrified of Digby. Mike and Carol were there as were Camilla and Mark. The highlight was watching Mike and Iain play with blocks…

In child development news Isaac is getting much more roly and Margot now gets up on all fours and shuffles back and forth. 

Clearly she will be crawling soon! 

24 January 2016

So much progress!!

Keeping the blog up to date seems even harder now I’m at work. Which is odd. I would have thought it would be easier! 

On Wednesday (20th) I got to stay home a bit later and go to a meeting near the house. It was so nice to have a slower start to the day! Then Juliet came over in the afternoon. And Margot started to crawl! Completely amazing 🙂 she’s not quite up on all fours the whole time but it’s only a matter of time. She’s pretty quick across the carpet! 

Isaac too is making great progress at crawling and I’m sure is only a couple weeks behind his big sister. In other news Isaac has his first tooth!! 

Thursday was a bit of a blur with work etc but Friday Patrick and the twins went to Claire’s and she took some gorgeous photos. 

On Saturday we went to Cambridge and saw Jon & Jo & Arthur (who is just 2) and John & Kait & George (nearly 3). We had haggis, neeps, and tatties in honour of Burn’s night. Babes were brilliant all the way till about 3 am when the screaming started. It was a long end of the night. But it was nothing some coffee couldn’t cure. 

Today we went out on a long walk up by Alexandra Palace. Then home for snuggles.


30 January 2016

Weekly update

It was a pretty long week! Despite the fact that I worked from home on Friday.

The babies continued to be ridiculously adorable. Much cuddling and snoozing. They’ve been doing really well at going to bed this week and indeed Margot has slept through several nights this week. Unfortunately Isaac has a runny nose again which keeps waking him up. 

On Tuesday night our friend Matt from Boston happened to be in town and he came round for supper. It was great to see him but Wednesday was pretty painful, particularly as I had to go to Eastleigh on the south coast for work.

Friday’s working from home went really well. Helped along by the fact that the babes had a nice long nap in the morning. 

They are really amazing! Isaac is rapidly catching up with Margot on the crawling stakes. Margot has now taken to trying to crawl up me when I’m sitting on the floor. 

She’s also become obsessed with sucking on my toes. 

Isaac meanwhile chased this call around the room and ultimately captured it! 

Then today we got a care package from Sarah and Javi, including these awesome banana baby toothbrushes!