02 On our own! – daily(ish) updates from 1 September 2015

30 September 2015

The day Margot laughed.

Today was a really lovely day. Margot and Isaac were both in decent moods after yesterday’s tantrums.

So much so that as I was chatting with them Margot actually and unmistakably laughed.

Cannot believe how much they are growing up.

29 September 2015

People often think that the twins ‘set one another off’ with their crying. In reality they tag team.

So one will cry and the other will be adorable. Then they switch. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so loud.

 28 September 2015

After a really lovely week we had a pretty unsettled weekend. The babies didn’t want to settle and everytime we went out for a walk Isaac wanted to be carried. We got wise to this and took the sling out with us last night.

There was a blood moon lunar eclipse last night. Don’t know if it’s that or the much feared four month sleep regression but they had a very odd night. 

We fed them a little later than usual, at 7:30, but they were asleep by 8. Margot woke at 9 (unheard of), Isaac at 10:30 (also unheard of), and then they both woke to be fed at 3:30 (the longest gap between feeds at 8 hours). 

This morning so far was adorable and also had its fair share of screaming. 

Today I’m hoping to get all the way through Pilates… 

In baby devlipment news they are very interested in feet. Margot was using hers to play with some of the dangling toys in the pleasure dome. They also REALLY like blowing bubbles and the level of drool makes me wonder if they’ll be teething soon… 


Pilates went well. I fed them up, swaddled them, and then walked them before. Margot slept through and Isaac was totally manageable. It was kind of what it must be like to only have one baby. 

That said Margot has been asleep for ages… Not sure how well that bodes for the afternoon. 

One particularly adorable development is that they have really started grabbing things. Most notably one another’s hands…


25 September 2015

A good week.

Tuesday was the beginning of a good week. Wednesday Juliet came round and the babies were adorable – we did lots of chatting with the twins and went for a walk in the park. Iain joined us for dinner. But first had a brilliant time playing with Isaac. 

Thursday we spent the day in Ealing with Claire. Again the twins were brilliant. Chatty and sweet when awake and lots of good snoozes. Margot has started really fighting sleep. She just hates falling asleep. So we get about 5-10 minutes of outraged crying. But despite this it’s been a lovely week. 


22 September 2015

Today was a good day.

Nothing particularly noteworthy – just a good day. Might have helped that Patrick and I went to bed last night at 9… The babes woke up at 1:50 and 6 as is becoming customary.

We had brunch with a friend at 10:30, then a nice long snooze from noon till 2.

Then popped out to see another friend who’s just had a baby. She’s only 5lbs. So hard to believe the twins were that tiny (actually even tinier). 

Then we had a walk round Finsbury Park. Isaac is getting more and more keen on looking up at the leaves and sky. 

Now a night at the pub with the NCT lot. 

It’s a lovely start to Autumn.

 21 September 2015

We had a really good night last night. They slept till 1:50 and then till 5:30.  I’m hoping that this bodes well for the day. 

One of the more adorable things over the weekend is that they have tentatively begun communicating with one another.  

All hopes of an easy day were shattered by Margot’s piercing cries during Pilates. It was so awful I had to leave. Of course they both then fell asleep in the buggy on our way back and have stayed down for the last hour. 

Which works for me as I got a chance to make banana bread (again) and have a cup of tea.

After making this recipe for vegan spelt banana bread about 5 times I finally decided to preserve it for posterity in the recipe box alongside Mom’s biscuits and Guatemalan Ice Box cookies. 
19 Septmeber 2015

To quote the musical Annie ‘yesterday was plain awful, but that’s not now, that’s then’.

For whatever reason the babies decided to scream, pretty much continuously, yesterday. When they weren’t screaming they were passed out with exhaustion. 

I tried everything to calm them and nothing worked. Patrick and I got them to bed on schedule and had wine and pizza. But it’s fair to say there were many tears (of mine) before we got there. 

There was a brief moment of adorableness as I put them in the hats Kathy made them. 

But it did NOT last.

Today has been completely different. They slept well. We went to the park first thing. They had a super long nap from 11:30-2:45 (as did we). 

We had lots of lovely chats. I’ve been pointing out their body parts (toes, ankles etc) and getting chuckles and smiles.

Let’s hope yesterday was just a bad day and not a new phase! 

16 September 2015

Babies and I are still snotty. Which made for challenging feeds yesterday, as Isaac in particular struggles with feeding and breathing. But they slept from 8 – 1:30 and then again to 6:15 so it’s not going too badly.

Meanwhile Weird Egg Week 2015 continues.

This is the third double yolker! Seriously. What is up with the Cotswold Legbar Chickens?? 

Twins are a bit snuggly and snoozy. But so adorable…

15 September 2015

The twins and I have officially succumbed to what is, admittedly, a not terrible cold. We are sniffley, and I have a sore throat, but not feverish. Happily this basically means that we’re very snoozy and snuggly. 

Last night I went to bed at 9. They woke up at 1:15 and then again at 6. All in all not too bad.

Today is their three month birthday. I’ve been thinking about the things I miss from my life before twins. Sleep, a full night of uninterrupted sleep, clearly tops the list. But also being able to write with more than my thumb… Oh! And not being covered in body fluids, mine and other people’s. Though given that everything that comes out of the twins is basically recycled breastmilk I guess it’s all mine… 

I’m now half way through my half of the parental leave. Strange to think that they will change as much between now and then as June and now. 

In other news it is officially Weird Egg week at Chez Fisher-Cootes. Yesterday I had my first ever rotten egg (most upsetting as I had to scrap a whole pan of eggs). Today I had 3 slightly broken eggs in our Ocado delivery. I salvaged them and discovered that TWO were double yolkers.


My life is so thrilling now.

Margot has taken to prolonged bouts of screaming. Today I had to walk her to our friend’s house with her in the sling and Isaac in the stroller. She then screamed through my attempts to eat lunch (omelette made from the eggs above). Isaac has now won baby of the day! 

13 September 2015

We’ve been trying the 12:30/ 5:30 feeds with variable success. It seems like we’re adding in an afternoon feed which is a bit of a pain but the real test will be this week. 

This weekend has been pretty laid back. 

Saturday we mainly lazed around the house and then had Andy over for dinner. We facetimed Brenna in Sirt which was a bit surreal.

I have been so struck by how much the twins have grown. 

They look like proper babies now. 

They are also getting incredibly strong. They can support their heads for ages and really enjoy ‘standing’. 

They are also really into ‘talking’. No surprises there!

Today I had yoga and then we had a family nap for a couple of hours. We then popped over to Camilla and Mark’s – and Tess was there also. 

Maddy and Rob came for dinner. This was the third outing of the Honey & Co cookbook and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant. 

Busy busy week ahead!! 

11 September 2015 

Last night we got up at 1, but didn’t feed till 3:40… Woke up feeling awful. So tonight I reckon we will try the 12:30 feed and see if they go through again till 5:30. That would be much better. 

Patrick stayed home with a cold which made today a lot easier. 

They had a pretty lovely morning, kicking around and laughing. 

We then went to our friend’s house and had a kick about on her mat, and weighed them. Isaac is now 12lb and Margot is 11lb 4oz. 

And then we had a fantastic picnic in the park. 

Patrick missed the picnic to have a sleep. When I got home I slept for two hours. Clearly I am also fighting off this cold. 
10 September 2015

A day out! 

Last night was surprisingly good given they’d had their vaccinations. They went down at a lot 6:45 (fed early), then wanted a feed about 12:15 and then slept through pretty much till 5:30.
Patrick and I managed to have breakfast together before heading out the door at 6:45 to get to Jammie’s for the day. 

So we all started the day in a great mood. 

Must say the twins were brilliant all day. Claire’s friend from Leeds came to visit and we walked through Walpole Park, site of Pitzhanger Manor, Sir John Soane’s country house. 


Then we went to an exhibition of Mychael Barratt’s prints. I absolutely love these!! 


All in all a really lovely day! 

 9 September 2015

Sleep progression? 

Last night they didn’t feed until 3am, again.

Isaac was up wanting some attention at 1ish but then went straight back to sleep. Margot slept through. I’m hopeful that this is the beginning of a pattern.

We then had a reasonably low key morning where I got a shower, put away laundry, etc while they napped.

A friend came for lunch and Margot was a tiny bit fussy, mainly just wanting to be held. But Isaac stayed in the pleasure dome and entertained himself for about an hour and a half! Unheard of!! 

It seems so unfair that I now have to take them for their vaccinations. Also that this means we’ll break up the schedule. Goodness knows what tonight will be like…

… And the babies were super brave with their jabs. Fell asleep straight after and while they’ve been a bit fussy it’s not necessarily down to the vaccines. 

8 September 2015

Like most things about being a parent today was a very mixed bag. Super high highs and tragicomic lows.

Last night should have been a triumph. They fed at 7pm, went down without a fuss. Then I got up to tend to Isaac at 1… Brought him into bed with me and we all slept till 3! 8 whole hours. But then they were fussy at 5 and 6 and by the time we got to the 7am feed (which Patrick helped me with) I was in tears. Sometimes when I’m alone with them it just feels like surviving. There isn’t much enjoyment.

But then we went to my former colleague’s for lunch, and they were smiley and wonderful. They cried a bit, but mainly because they wanted a nap. Which they had all the way home.

Then after the 3 o’clock feed they were feeling playful so I started playing YouTube songs at them. Largely because I had Beautiful Dreamer in my head. On a whim I played Marilyn Horne singing one of my favourite arias, Una Voce Poco Fa, by Rossini. Isaac was smiley and happy, but Margot started paying rapt attention and then made noises I’ve never heard before. I think she was singing along! 

After the song ended she was fussy again so I started singing it to her and she quietened down immediately. 

Perhaps we have a tiny prodigy on our hands… And just like that, Margot was baby of the day again.

7 Sepetember 2015

12 weeks old today

Yesterday was indeed super busy. Yoga was amazing. I felt totally blessed out and the sun was shining. We went for the NCT reunion and had a massive lunch then Duncan came for dinner. 

Margot was fussy from about 4pm until she finally slept at 7:45. We had dinner but then I was exhausted by 9:15 and went to bed. 

The babies fed at 1:15 and 3:45… Around 4 I got up to go to the loo and missed two steps, twisting my ankle. Happily because of all the relaxin in my body it seems to have healed. 

We had post natal Pilates today – they fussed almost the whole way through but my friends were incredibly helpful. 

They have been sacked out since the 11am feed… So far three and a half hours. 

I think they’re going through a growth spurt! 

Pilates was good, though Margot managed to fuss the whole way through… 

We had NCT friends round for coffee! 


6 September 2015

In the end yesterday was a really long day. In addition to the building works (we have lights!!!) we had Jammie and Jude round for lunch. They arrived just as the builders were leaving. 

Had a lovely lunch with the babies being adorable. 

 But they were less than good natured as we tried to get ready to go out for the evening. Margot in particular had a total melt down of epic proportions.

We went into Islington for the first time on the bus. Note: if there are already two strollers it is very difficult to get our double on board… Patrick kept having to take the buggy off… 

We met up with Maddy for her birthday drinks and Isaac immediately started screaming. But Margot slept straight through. We left after an hour and started walking to get a cab home: but it was such a nice evening we kept walking. We ended up at Texas Joes, a BBQ place I’ve been wanting to try for ages. 

It was amazing. We fed the twins there, Isaac took a bottle but Margot refused so it was also my first time breastfeeding in public. The food was absolutely worth it. Glad I put the twins in their cowboy boots! 

We walked home from the restaurant which took about an hour… Then had another feed with them at 9:30, 2:15, and again at 5.

Today will be another busy day… Need to clean up after the building works, then my first Yoga class, then NCT reunion, then Duncan comes round for dinner…but first more snoozing! 

5 September 2015

Me looking at Isaac, who is looking at Margot, who is unimpressed. 

Well while the babies have been back in their pattern of waking to feed at 1:30 and 4:30 ish on Wednesday and Thursday nights, Thursday and Friday couldn’t have been more different in terms of their behaviour in the day. 

Thursday they were absolute screaming terrors. All. Day. Long. It was absolutely traumatising. But Friday they were lovely. We went to the cafe with friends and had a series of lovely naps… 

Friday night (last night) they woke at 2:30 for a feed (after going down at about half 7). Then he woke up at about 5 for a bit of a cuddle and went back to sleep. We fed them at 6:40 and that was the best they’ve ever done! We’ll see what happens tonight.

They’ve been a bit unsettled today but we’ve had the builders in fixing the downstairs lights… 

2 September 2015


 After such a difficult evening the night was remarkably good. Isaac woke at 11:30 for a quick snack and was straight back to sleep. They both fed at 2:30 which for Margot was an all time record! So impressed. Of course they then fed at 5:15 and again at 7. But still. Very good work.

It was a bright and autumnal day so we went on a nice walk in the park with friends, and Great Aunt Juliet came for lunch and took them out again so I could nap in the afternoon.

All in all a really lovely day.

1 September 2015  

Though sleep training continues today feels like a new start. 

It’s the first day that I am spending on my own with Margot and Isaac. They are eleven weeks old and sometimes it’s hard to believe how quickly these weeks have gone by. 

They have really started to develop their own personalities. Isaac continues to be winsome and deeply interested in people. Margot is more reserved and careful with her smiles but that makes them all the more precious. 

Yesterday they made eye contact with one another for a good few minutes and I think are starting to notice when the other is or isn’t around. It’s always amazing for me to think about what an incredible bond these two will have! 

After a really lovely day the twins were beside themselves at bedtime. Isaac barely ate. We shall see how well they sleep tonight.