The Return

I never thought that holding down a full time job and dealing with the twins morning and night would somehow mean I had less time to write than when I had two newborns. For some reason I thought that when I was back at work, in front of a computer for (say) eight hours a … Continue reading The Return


How infertility made me Pro-Choice

I guess I've always been pro-choice. As an adolescent and young adult it seemed to me to be on a list of things ‘good’ people were: like not being racist or homophobic. I know now that this was the luxury of growing up in a progressive community. In high school I had several friends who … Continue reading How infertility made me Pro-Choice

How I learned to stop worrying and love Socialised Medicine

In the month since the twins’ birth the debate about healthcare has been raging on both sides of the pond. In the US the Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare (again), while here in the UK the Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has announced significant changes to NHS doctors’ contracts, prompting the #ImInWorkJeremy social media campaign. When … Continue reading How I learned to stop worrying and love Socialised Medicine