14 Suddenly September – updates from Sept 2016

28 September 

Maybe it’s not a sleep regression? 

Last night Isaac mercifully slept straight through. Breakfast went , but after his breakfast he wanted to help me with mine! 

I had an Urbanistas event and so missed baby bedtime but luckily Patrick sent me an update and photos.

They ate half a biscuit and about 70g of yog; crucially the meal failed to degenerate into a scream-fest. We’ve now read Oh No, Gearge and we’re watching the Night Garden in relative peace. All of which augurs well for bed-time.

27 September 

It’s a sleep regression 

Last night we got up twice and then brought Isaac into bed with us from 5-5:45… 

According to the Internet it is most likely a change in his napping routine coupled with separation anxiety. So standard starting nursery stuff. Hoping it isn’t a long lived trend. 

Yesterday I met with the nursery staff to talk about the twin’s progress. They are very happy with how they are settling in and say that both are very happy and independent  kids.  Apparently Isaac likes the blocks and also plays for ages with the toy laptop and computer. But more than that just likes things where you press buttons and get noises. Which makes sense given his piano playing at home. Margot makes a bee line for all kinds of messy play. Water, foam, paint, sand. 

When I got them home they were so tired. Margot ate all her tortolini and some of Isaac’s but I could only persuade him to eat a banana. By about 6:30 they were both passed out on my lap. Bed time was therefore totally straightforward.

One cute thing I’ve noticed is that Isaac likes to sit with his ankles crossed, whereas Margot prefers to have her feet apart. Very cute on the buggy rides. 

26 September 

An unsettled weekend.

Babies are like the weather. Unpredictable.

This weekend started terribly with Isaac screaming so much on Saturday morning that I had to retreat back to bed with a migraine. I didn’t know babies could cause migraines. 

They cheered up post lunch and we took them to the park with Jon, Jo, Arthur, Ciaran and Aidan. 

Isaac had a little quiet time with his book.

We had everyone round for dinner. I made chicory, walnut and pear salad, followed by lemon mint chicken on a bed of potatoes and apricots. To finish we had this insane chocolate cake that takes two days to make. It’s got cardamom and coffee in it and is like a heavy baked mousse. 

Sunday was a bit rough – though breakfast was more of a success. The twins then basically refused to eat lunch or dinner…

We went to the Haringey food festival with Chloe and Aidan. We ran into Hayley on the way there and then Guy and Kate (en family). It really feels like we live in a proper neighbourhood. 

Isaac got us up four times last night which is unheard of. I think he’s coming down with a cold. 

Absolutely exhausted today!! 

23 September 

Settling into the new routine

This morning when I dropped the twins off Margot walked up to the door of the playroom and knocked to be let in. Isaac went straight into the arms of one of the nursery workers. They do seem really happy there.

This morning Isaac fetched his shoe when I asked him to bring it to me. Clever child. 

That said… We’ve been experimenting with baby led feeding. Gnocchi works well. Yogurt not so much.

22 September 

Worst spokesperson ever?

This morning there was a piece on the Today programme about the ‘post code lottery’ of IVF access. I tweeted a photo of the twins saying how grateful I am to the NHS which supported me to have the twins. For free. 

I was then contacted by a radio producer asking if I would do a phone interview. Yes. Of course.

Then I looked up the presenter and realised she was the right wing Brexiteer I heard speak at the Planning Conference on Saturday night. My enthusiasm waned. Still. It’s an important issue. 

I did the ca and then realised I am the worst spokesperson for NHS funded IVF. At the end of the interview she said ‘so I am guessing you’re not British but your partner is and that’s why you qualified’ 

Actually no. My residency qualified me. And actually no one asked. 

Bloody immigrants.

Coming over here taking our IVF 

Not so ironically 90% of the people who cared for me during the IVF were immigrants.

18 September 

The long weekend 

For the last ten years (on and off) I’ve been attending the Joint Planning Law conference in Oxford. It’s been a great way of getting to know senior people in the industry. It runs from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Obviously I didn’t go last year.

This year I had a total comedy of errors getting there and back. Trains were in chaos on Friday, so I went home. On Saturday I got the early train it it turned out I’d booked the original ticket for the wrong date so I had to get a new one. Then on Sunday the trains were cancelled so I had to get the bus. Madness.

But Patrick had a good weekend with the babes. 

Claire came over on Saturday afternoon and the babes did reading.

I made it home by 12:30. Babes ended up napping from 11-2. Then we got up and went to the park. While there we ran into Guy and Kate who’ve just had their new little boy, the incredibly gorgeous Otis. Freddie is an awesome big brother. 

We got the babes home for dinner and bath. Then I was asleep by 8:30… 

14 September 

Breakfast update! 

I am in my pjs. But we had the best breakfast ever. I got him up when I could see he was awake on the monitor but before he started whinging. Then gave him a banana straight off. Then he happily and quietly ate his porridge. 


13 September 

The breakfast battle…

So… Breakfast has become a battlefield. Isaac who is traditionally a good eater and LOVES porridge with banana has started having a fit over breakfast. It’s getting progressively worse. 

So he will flap his arms and cry… I take him for a little walk and try to calm him. Eventually he eats everything. Usually while sitting on my lap with both of us covered in porridge. 

Meanwhile Patrick happily feeds Margot.

I thought it might be that he wants to feed himself so tried giving him the spoon. He throws it across the room in a fit of pique. Same with toast or breakfast bars… 

Wondered if it’s the temp of the porridge? But today he rejected it before we even started… 

Maybe he has low blood sugar first thing and that makes him hangry? 

Last night we had a really successful dinner of peanut butter on toast followed by the traditional yogurt and fruit.

So I know he’s capable of eating… 

Other than the breakfast debacle we’ve started to have a nice little morning ritual. Breakfast, then cuddles in the living room. Then we go upstairs and they play in our room while I get ready, and then up to their room and I get them ready. Then we go on a little walk round the park.

Yesterday Isaac had his first conker. Autumn has arrived. 

11 September 

15 years

2001 was a big year. I graduated from Barnard, got married, moved to London… And so there’s been this running list of 15th anniversaries this year.

And now this day.

 I’d just moved to London. Watched it all unfolding on tv trying to call my friends and feeling terribly far from home. 

We know now that this was the defining moment of my generation. This is our ‘where were you when JFK was shot’ moment. The events that day set in motion will continue to reverberate across the world for at least another generation. 

Today – I look at Isaac and Margot and feel this strange mix of terrible sadness and hope. Almost like a nostalgia for the future. 

They’re nearly 15 months old. They are still wearing their (somewhat) filthy tops from yesterday. They’re playing in the living room. And everything is just so normal. 

While they napped we managed to fit the new carsear for Margot. She has totally defeated the Houdini Stop clips. Isaac is probably still good in his baby car seat for a little while yet. 

Today we had a nice chat with Granny and Poppa Jim. Then we went on a long walk taking in TWO playgrounds. 

Margot is learning to fetch things. Patrick asked her to get her shoes, and she did. She is also learning to put her face Jo if you ask her for a kiss. 

This evening they’ve done a lot of playing together. It’s great to watch them. It’s funny I think they’re doing it more since nursery.

Week two begins tomorrow… 

10 September

Week one is OVER!

Friday morning Margot woke up having had a nose bleed in the night. Her bed was covered in blood. Total carnage. Our best guess is that she rubbed it in her sleep and nicked it with her nail. 

I took them to nursery as usual, but luckily I was working from home which was a lot more relaxing than being in Shrewsbury. 

When we picked them up we got our first cards!!! 

This morning we drove to Kent to see Pippa and Leo and meet Alasdair. At 7 weeks he weighs nearly as much as the twins – 7kg or 15lbs.

He slept nearly the whole time we were there. Ah the good old days. 

Margo has officially defeated the Houdini Stop clip … Luckily we have just inherited a new car seat which MAY be enough to restrain her… 

8 September


I am intensely grateful to live in a country  with free and accessible immunisations. However yesterday was hard!! It was their last two jabs. Done until school starts I think. 

Juliet came over to help me wrangle them. It all started out well. They had their appointment at 9. Home by 9:30 and they slept till 12. 

They had a great lunch!

Then we took them to the paddling pool at Lordship Rec and had a splash around. 

We came home via the shops. As soon as I got them in the door I could tell they were feeling well. I gave them calpol as they were burning up. Then they basically lay on our chests, crying or moaning for about 3 hours till bed. I only gave them some cool yogurt for dinner. They didn’t have much of an appetite.

Hayley and Griffith came over for supper and that was nice. But we were exhausted. 

This morning their fevers had broken but they were still sad. I took them to the nursery and they just clung to me. Clearly. It themselves yet.

I’m in Shrewsbury for work today (not entirely sure where that is). So I hope the perk up! I will get home after baby bedtime. Which isn’t ideal. I wish I could text the nursery and just get an update. But I suspect that might just make it worse.

6 September 

What a weekend…

Friday night Patrick and the NCT boys had a night out. Saturday was the NCT girls’ turn… So the weekend was a bit of a blur of hangovers interspersed with twin time. 

This was the state of affairs on Saturday morning. Then the twins helped me get ready for my night out.

Margot was fond of my shoes.

We went to the park on Sunday afternoon.

Then… Somehow Isaac got his first black eye. 

He seemed fine about it but a bit more whingey than usual.

I made the worlds best veggie moussaka. 

On Monday the twins had their first full day of nursery. 

It was meant to be 8-6 but I finished with work early and picked them up at 5:15. They totally could have stayed till 6… When they got home they were full of beans and wanted to play in the bath…

Fully clothed.

2 September 

Last day of settling in. 

Today Margot and Isaac were at nursery from 10-4. Monday it will be 8-6. But I think they’ll be ok… When I picked them up at 4, they had plenty of play left in them. 

Apparently at nursery they ate LOADS, and then were the loudest babies during group sing. Of course they were. 

After I picked them up we went to the park with Chloe and Aidan. 

Patrick has gone out for a boys night with the NCT lot. Tomorrow is the girls turn. But tonight it’s left over mushroom stir fry and some Shiraz with the cat! 

1 September 

Start as you mean to go on

It’s day three of settling in week at nursery. Today I took them up at 10 and Patrick picked them up at 2:30.

I was apprehensive. But as soon as I got there they went straight into the nursery workers arms and they ushered me out the door. 

Apparently they are ALL their lunch and had a nap from 1-2pm. This is major progress. Patrick took them on a walk at 2:30 so I could get paperwork done. They were in a great mood when they got back! And we’ve had all sorts of playtime.