07 That February Feeling – weekly(ish) updates from the Twinpocalypse front lines February 2016

29 February

Today is leap-day: it is also my Dad’s 21st birthday. He would have been 84. It’s hard to believe that he’s been gone for nearly 23 years. But I look at Isaac and Margot and I know he would get such a kick out of them. It is unbelievably painful that I will never see them together. 

Patrick and I talk a lot about how, according to quantum physics, time exists continuously. It’s just like the past is another room, as is the future. So they all were together in the same house, just in different rooms.

We had a wonderful weekend. Idyllic even. Lots of long walks and cuddles. I am so grateful for this time with them. Particularly in light of the horrible mass shooting in Hesston last week.

These faces make me feel like there is still good in the world that can overcome all the hurt. 
25 February

Such a lot to catch up on!! 

Last week we had an amazing week of sleep… Sadly that didn’t last but hey I will take it where I can get it.

On Friday (19th) I had the day off work so that Patrick and I could help Claire celebrate picking up her MBE at the Palace.

All four of her children were able to be with her at the Palace, the honour was presented by Prince Charles.

Then, all four partners met up at a restaurant to have a lovely lunch which extended to Claire coming back to ours to see the twins (who’d been hanging out with Juliet, Camilla and Mark). She then flew to Australia on Saturday. 

On Saturday we went to an NCT lunch at Virginia and Alistair’s place to celebrate the new kitchen. Babies (and grow ups) had a great time hanging out.

Sunday was pretty much a perfect day. If I had dared to dream about what having babies was like this would have been it. We went on a long walk along the railway fields and then through Hampstead Heath. We got home and had a late lunch and then the four of us had a nap on the sofa. Bliss.

This week has started with a bit of a bump. Babes have struggled to sleep through. I suspect teeth are at fault.

16 February 

Best night sleep ever!!!

They went to bed at 7. Isaac woke up at 4, Patrick went up and gave him a pat… He went straight back to sleep till 6! I am officially well rested for the first time in 8 months, maybe more. 

14 February 

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 

What a weekend. I had Friday off so we had a trip out out to the West Country. We started by going to Claire’s. We had a lovely long walk around Elthorne Park with the twins and Percy. Then headed out to Swindon at about 3.

We then spent Friday night with Patrick’s cousin Abi and her family. They have four kids from 12 down to 18 months. It was fun to see them interact with bigger kids! So much so that I didn’t mange to get photos… The twins slept in their popup tents, and excitingly slept through! 

On Saturday we drove to Bath to have lunch with Ben Burns and Susie and their little girl Clara who is two. John Griffith, Kait and George (3) joined as well. So we had quite the party. Susie managed to take some photos. Unfortunately it rained all day so we didn’t get to wander round Bath, which is a shame as it turns out Patrick has never been (shock!) so we will have to go back!

Then we went back to John and Kait’s to have dinner and spend the night. It was a rough night… Lots of screaming and feeding but in the morning they were adorable again and we went out to meet the bantam chickens. 


We then drove to Slad for lunch with Juliet, Iain, Amanda and Robin. We had a beautiful lunch at the Woolpack (where Mom and I went in 2012). 


We had a pretty good drive home and a nice cuddle on the sofa – where Margot tried to help me take selfies.

10 February

We’ve had better nights… Both of them went through both last night and the night before without a feed. 

They are doing so well getting bigger and more cheeky everyday. I can’t believe that they are nearly 8 months old… 

Today Patrick took them up to Watton to see Juliet and Iain. Sadly they got caught in awful traffic on the way back. When they got home Patrick had to go for a lie down so I had a pre-bed hour with them and they were delightful … 

Someone… Stole someone else’s dummy and then WALKED her way down the sofa.

Someone else was sitting up and looking to get his dummy back…
8 February 2016

After a busy weekend the babes have properly succumbed to another cold. Margot, who had slept through the night every night last week was awake and screaming about 5 times last night. Isaac went through without a feed but was exhausted this morning anyway.

I’ve got a supremely long day involving giving evidence to a select committee at the end of the day… For the first time since I returned to work it looks like I will be missing the babes before bed. 

7 February 2016

Family fun 

I’ve definitely had to move from Dailyish to weeklyish updates. I’ll try to do more but at the moment between work and home it’s such a challenge to find time when I’m not unconscious…

This week was full of family. On Monday Patrick and the babes went to Claire’s for the day. They were a bit grumpy when I got home from work but had apparently had a brilliant day. Margot is getting over her fears of Percy which is a good thing.

Tuesday Al came round as he had meetings in London at 9 and at 4 so was able to be here for lunch. Apparently the twins really warmed to him.

On Wednesday Juliet came round as usual but then she and Patrick went to Chloe’s for a baby play date.

The babies are all getting so big. Margot and Isaac are still the smallest but are definitely not falling behind developmentally. Later that afternoon Juliet and Patrick took the twins to see Maddy and Rob. Super busy day!!

Thursday morning they were being particularly adorable which made it hard to leave the house. It’s funny… I don’t want to leave if they’re crying or if they’re giggling… Or just not at all. Thursday evening Maddy and Rob came over for dinner.

Friday was pretty uneventful. Saturday we ended up having Pippa and Hannah for lunch and then Brenna and Andy for dinner.

Today, Sunday, we had Ed and Rebecca, the girls and Tess over for lunch. It was so lovely to see the twins with Alexa (5) and Savannah (2). 

Next week is super hectic at work. I may not even make it home in time to feed the babies tomorrow evening… But I’m so grateful for our weekends together.