04 Winter is coming: dailyish updates from November 2015 

30 November 2015

Today was, on the whole, a good day. 

Margot slept through (she’s really making a habit of this) and Isaac only woke up twice. Which is excellent for him. 

In the morning Isaac only managed 40 minutes of a nap. Margot did two and a half hours… 

So it was no surprise that he passed out when we went for coffee. 

He slept on Margot like a drunk on the night bus. 

We then went back home and Maddy came round for cuddles and cakes. 

The babes went down for their snooze without too much of a fight and I made a pie out of left over parsnip gratin.


28 November 2015 

Happy Thanksgiving (observed)

Yesterday we were at Jammie’s and the babes were supremely unsettled. We barely got a walk in. But we noticed that the twins are really starting to notice one another. 

Margot certainly appears to be the instigator so far! 

Today we had friends over with their nearly three year old and and their not so new baby (who’s 9 months). It was interesting to see where the babies will be in a few months! 

Then we went to Thanksgiving at Brenna and Andy’s. The babies went down without a fight and we enjoyed turkey and all the trimmings. 

 26 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 

We will be observing thanksgiving with friends at the weekend but today I am incredibly thankful for the twins.
They both had an unsettled night last night, which in top of my sligjy too much wine wasn’t ideal. But never the less… They make me happier than they make me sad… So on balance they are a wonderful thing. 

They’ve been champion nappers this week which somewhat makes up for the challenging nights. 

We went for late brunch with Brenna who was home this morning and then a walk with the NCT lot. Oh! And when I got back from brunch Virginia had left me flapjacks because I was feeling sad. 

So in addition to being incredibly grateful for the twins I am also grateful for my supportive friends and family. 


at brunch at Cafe Lemon
post brunch crash

 25 November 2015

It’s been a rough week for sleeping. Though Margot has slept through like a champ, Isaac has demanded two feeds a night and last night I ended up sleeping with him on the sofa in the study.

So it’s fair to say I’ve been exhausted and with that exhaustion feeling very low. My ambivalence about going back to work is turning into a phobia. 

So it was with great relief tht Juliet came today and the twins were little stars. I went for a coffee with Adrian who made me see sense and feel better about going back to work. And then I went to a lecture on expert women in the media by a friend of Claire’s who runs the MA in broadcast journalism at City. I am out of practice at White wine receptions and so got home a bit later than advertised… Still good to be out and be human and ‘me’.

24 November 2015

Lessons learned 

1. Margot is making a habit of sleeping through the night. 

2. Nap time can be highly productive!

3. BabyBjorn bouncers are washable – on a related note if you hear your son do three poos in a row you *may* need to bathe him, and yourself… 

 23 November 2015

The first night off and other fun

Saturday night was Selina’s 40th birthday party. She had a big party in Amersham and so Juliet and Camilla babysat all night long so we could go.

We had a great time and it was nice to catch up with old friends. We both had pretty serious hangovers and were slightly dreading dealing with the babies. But as luck would have it they were amazing.

Napped for two hours and then when we went to Pinky & Jaye’s for dinner they went down for a sleep and stayed asleep even when we brought them home.

Margot slept through the night, though Isaac did not.

Today was a day of two halves. Twins were fairly lovely in the morning with naps and everything. I even managed to post a blog. Then Amanda and Robin came over for lunch and the twins were charming till about 3:30. Then they tag teamed screaming for two and a half hours.

They are changing so quickly right now. Really starting to notice one another.

20 November 2015

The week that was

It’s been a pretty intense week. Largely because on Tuesday night we had to rush Cadmus to the cat hospital with the same symptoms as in August. The vet reckons it wasn’t poisoning but rather an acute stress reaction.

He’s better now. But it made the week very disjointed.

Luckily the babies have been pretty good this week. Margot has been playing with her feet and they’ve both been incredibly chatty.

15 November 2015

5 months today

Last night was shockingly bad. Margot screamed for ages. I ended up sleeping in the brown chair in the nursery with her… Isaac was therefore a late winner of te baby of the day competition.

Consequently we were all pretty tired and had to have a long morning nap. Al, Liz, Charlie, Ella and Claire came round for lunch and a run around the park. It was nice to have the little cousins together.

Margot rolled back to front and back again. Then shortly thereafter rolled off the sofa… We also had an incredibly successful sippy cup feed with formula so have decided to add that to the ‘routine’.

We went to Brenna and Andy’s for an impromptu dinner and the babes went down brilliantly in their papooses. Progress?

14 November 2015

Last night we had to feed both babes in the night so perhaps I was already a little more than tired when I woke up to the awful news that Paris suffered further terrorist attacks last night.

It made me want to hide in the house and never leave. I just couldn’t get my act together. Everything felt overwhelming.

But we were booked to go to a screening of Star Wars at Martjin and Kerry’s. Patrick sent me to bed and did a sippy-cup feed with the twins at 11. Then we bathed them and fed them a bit more.

So they were looking pretty dapper.

Which was a good thing as Kerry really went all out! She hand drew Storm Troopers on marshmellows….

We had a lovely afternoon in the end.
13 November 2015

Winter is here

Margot slept through the night again, and Isaac only needed a 3am feed. I call that progress. They went down for their morning nap without a fuss, but woke up a bit too early and screamed the house down. Totally traumatising me – but moreover our lovely cleaner Kasia.

We went out for lunch at Cafe Lemon. There was a post on Harringay Online that it might close down so I’m keen to support it.

We got home around 1 and had a bit of fussing (screaming). We had a long cuddle and we all fell asleep till 2:30.

Then we went on a wintery walk with Virginia. Halfway through Margot demanded to be carried and I didn’t really mind.

 12 November 2015

An unexpected day

Today we had a slow start and then headed over to Juliet’s friend’s house for the day. It was totally unexpected but absolutely lovely. Jane’s son Ben played guitar and Margot was mesmerised.

When we got home Margot decided she wanted to eat crackers.

Isaac had a snoozy day presumably because he spent most of last night screaming to keep me awake…

11 November 2015

The night of the long screams 

So after such a sleepy day yesterday it should, perhaps, come as no surprise that the Twins had a rubbish night. So I had a rubbish night and Patrick had to rescue me from a wailing Isaac at 4am.

Despite this, today was excellent. The twins had their morning nap and I was freakishly productive. Showered, emptied the dishwasher, folded laundry, changed guest room sheets… Of course the moment I opened my lap top to do a ‘real’ blog Margot woke up.

Still I managed to get them into these adorable Guatemalan overalls.


Juliet and I went to Lordship Rec to see Kerry and Chloe and have some lunch. Then home to feed the twins.

Isaac had a snooze and Margot had an intensive game of  leaping to our doom and upside down baby.

Claire arrived about 4 and Patrick  and I got to got to go see Barber of Seville at the English National Opera for my birthday. It was fantastic! Feel so so lucky.

10 November 2015

The day of the long naps

Finally feels like I’m getting my babies back. Last night Margot slept from 6-6. Isaac wanted a feed and a cuddle but given his low weight gain I’m fine with that.

They had a two hour nap from 8-10, then another sleep from 11-12:45, and then a surprise nap from 2:30-3:30. We then went on a long walk.

One of the funny things I noticed yesterday was that the twins like chatting with other babies but not particularly with one another…

9 November 2015

Today we went to an NCT starting solids workshop. It was really interesting learning about the different ways of introducing foods. Basically I think we’ll be dong a mixture of baby led and giving them puréed whatever we’re eating.

I weighed the twins and Isaac is now 13lb5 and Margot is 13lb even. Isaac has slipped down to the 4th centile. It probably goes back to the bloody poo incident of a few weeks ago.

He’s also had a small rash on his tummy. I spoke to the GP and she thinks it has to do with his cold. But clearly we will keep an eye on it.

He’s been so sad and clingy but today I got a real smile so hopefully he’s gotten through whatever has been upsetting him.
7 November 2015

The day Margot rolled over…

Well she mostly rolled over. Patrick put her in her tummy and she rolled onto her back. It was very exciting. Isaac has started showing definite signs of rolling as well.

Other than that we had a really low key day. Grocery shopping and a trip to Ikea.


Margot likes standing!
But not for long…

Isaac is also no slouch when it comes to standing…
6 November 2015

Today was a very chilled day at Jammie’s. Much snoozing and an autumnal walk. Then home for supper and bed.

They are both very snuggly at the moment. Margot continues to amaze with her nearly rolling over… And Isaac is ridiculously charming.

 5 November 2015

Remember, remember …

Last night was fantastic. Great play, lots of laughter over dinner afterwards.

Felt like actual grownups.

When we got home about midnight the babies had been awake (but happy) since about 10pm. I fed them and then mostly we slept till 5:30.

Juliet spent the night so we had a lovely morning hanging out. Then off for coffee with Izzy Janner – who Jumiet knew as a baby. Her son Felix was born in the same hospital on the same day as the twins.

The twins spent much of the afternoon sacked out on my chest. Presumably because they slept so little last night.

They’ve both been so cuddly and clingy today.

But at least they were snuggly and cozy in their hand knitted onesies!

Even though Margot keeps trying to eat Isaac’s hand…
4 November 2015

Morning edition

In retrospect yesterday was a pretty rough day. I kept trying to be positive because it  as my birthday… But the fact is they cried from about noon to 6 when I put them to bed. One or both – it was pretty constant.

I cried as Isaac screamed his way through the bedtime feed. Then they would us up at 11:30. More screaming. I was crying again by midnight and Patrick sent me to the guest room. In the end he had to let them cry it out. It may be the case that babies only cry for a reason… But I think that quite often they don’t know what that reason is.

They seem in a slightly better mood this morning. And I keep telling myself that everything is just a phase.

Afternoon edition

Juliet arrived and the babies noticeably improved. Confirming my suspicion that it is just me…

She took them on a walk to one of her friends’ homes nearby for a couple of hours while I did admin (laundry etc).

Today Margot has very nearly mastered rolling over. She grabs her toes and then rolls: very cute and somewhat scary.

Isaac has mainly been a cuddly little bun today. I think he may have my cold. Neither napped much. But happily after the last feed it looked like they went down well. Patrick and I are now off to see Farinelli and the King for my birthday. First time out to the theatre since the twins! Juliet, Camilla and Mark are babysitting. So I hope they behave.

3 November 2015

Happy Birthday too me… We had the best of babes and the worst of babes.

37. No makeup. No sleep. No filter.
Abi Hall came round to keep me company and make me brunch.  

Eggs Florentine and smoked salmon with horseradish. Also cupcake (eaten and unpictured).

Despite the horror of quite a lot of screaming. The twins were intermittently adorable.

After a super rough day I was delighted to relax at the end of the day… Glass of wine and beans’n’rice. But despite all this… I am so glad to have these two faces in my life.   

2 November 2015

It was a mixed day… Babes were up wanting to be fed at 2:30, then again at 6. Margot appears to be on a nap strike… So though she was fractious at 7, it took ages to get her to sleep and then Isaac kicked off. All told we only had about half an hour when they were both down and I didn’t get a shower…

Then we had super fun with dinosaurs!


We then went out for coffee, and over to Adele and Tom’s to hang out for a bit. Then a long dark afternoon of tag team whinging. But happily Patrick came home early, I went to Pilates and then got home to rocket and lemon risotto. So happily the day ended well!

1 November 2015 

This morning was misty. More than that… You couldn’t see to the end of the street. Appropriate for All Souls Day. We walked to Maddy and Rob’s for lunch and then off for another walk through Finsbury Park with Percy. By that time the sun had come out.